December 4, 2019

The Food Post – New York

When I say we ate our way round New York I’m not lying. Food was far too high on the list of priorities. But what are you supposed to when there are a million and one places to try out and only 5 days to do it in.

Everything we ate from the good the bad and the over hyped on Instagram. Moral of the story stumble across places, Instagram doesn’t always know best.

The Donut Pub

Going in with this bad boy first. I’m not even a donut fan, but my god this was another level. I’d go as far as saying the best donut I’ve ever eaten. A solid 10/10 there is nothing more you could want from a donut. We literally stumbled into it. John was upset donuts were not on my sweet treat list. We were walking past and it caught my eye. All I have to say is we went back for round two and got take away. We tried vanilla creme, maple bacon, apple crumble and a strawberry ring. Location 203 W 14th St. 


Sorry but this is that sneaky one that got me via Instagram and just was a let down. The crunchy cornflake crumble I can get on board with, the ice cream. Just odd, boring and not worth the calories. Maybe a 4/10 and purely based on the crunchy crumble bit.

Time Out Market

Based in Dumbo this was a real find. John suggested we head in to explore, it was by far a winner. So many food choices and everything looked amazing.
We chose David Burke Tavern. John went chicken Chilli I went steak fries.
curly fries, steak, chilli, blue cheese so much tastiness in one bowl. 9/10 It’s located with in the roof bar area so expect some pretty cool views. Something to note it was card only.

I would have loved to of tried a few more places in there. But we just didn’t have the time.

Shake Shack

Kinda cheating but sorry we are only ever disappointed in London. You can’t beat an American Shake Shack. We went twice and shared a combination of cheese fries, chicken bites, smoke shack burger and shack meister. 9/10 deliciousness. Located all over NYC, however Madison Square park near the flat iron building is a nice location. Bonus there are a lot of friendly squirrels in the park.

Panda Express

It’s a chain, it’s all over America and John bloody loves it. I’m never absolutely blown away by it but the orange chicken is one tasty treat. 8.5/10 These are located all over New York. Added bonus they are pretty cheap, therefore a winner in my eyes because New York is pretty pricey.


Argh the one from Sex and The City movie. Carrie and Bigs rehearsal dinner restaurant offering modern Chinese food. I worried it was gonna be all film and no substance. It was one of the best meals of the trip. I’m not gonna lie you need a second mortgage to eat there, I hadn’t realised and nearly fell off my chair when the bill came. I kinda wasn’t mad at it though because the food was so good, the atmosphere was great, they had my kinda music playing and we had the best night. Ooo and the cocktails were all kinds of tasty.

We picked a tasting menu at $75 per head, it was the best value to be able to try lots of dishes and you were able to swap things if you didn’t like all of the choices. I’m going 10/10 on this because it really was delicious and I enjoyed living my best Carrie Bradshaw life for one night lol. Check out the menu here. Location 75 9th Ave.

Friedmans at Chelsea Market

John knows his brunch, he wanted pancakes and while I was faffing around washing my hair he was out sniffing out pancakes. Friedmans is located in Chelsea Market 75 9th Ave. Its a selection of breakfast treats from pancakes to sandwiches, check the menu out here. It didn’t disappoint. The pancakes were insane, so huge and fluffy. Not to mention the potato hash, I mean if we are going on looks I know what you’re thinking but it was so good. 9/10 tasty goodness.

Ralphs Coffee

We love a bit of Ralph Lauren so we were all over this like a rash. It’s all levels of festive Ralphy goodness. We had coffee and a green tea. Nothing too out of the ordinary but when you’ve only had bad green tea the entire trip it was a pleased to find a decent cup. 7/10 and 10/10 for cuteness. The truck is located at the Rockefeller at the edge of the ice skating rink. The do however have several cafes around NYC.

The Butchers Daughter

It’s Vegetarian so if that isn’t your thing skip this one. The have some really great choices. Lots of tasty juices, which you could happily share a juice flight between two of you. We went to the Williamsburg, Brooklyn location, 271 Metropolitan Ave. We were pleased it was little bit on the calmer side. I’ve known people queue in the city locations. The food was delicious, the service was good and we both agreed a solid 8/10

Eileen’s Special Cheesecake

Kinda feel a little let down by this one. Cupcake Jemma from our beloved Crumbs and Doilies raved about Eileen’s. Don’t get me wrong it was good but it kinda wasn’t sweet enough for me, there was a something that wasn’t quite perfect. So maybe a 7/10. Location 17 Cleveland Pl. Not far from Glossier if you’re a beauty addict like me.

Posh Pop Bakes

This was one we stumbled across. We went in for a cookie came out with a cinnamon bun therefore maybe that’s where we went wrong. It was nice but lets just say it’s no Cinnabon. The frosting however was all kinds of levels of amazingness so maybe just a pot of that next time. 6.5/10 and purely for the frosting. Location 192 Bleecker street.

Egg Shop Brooklyn

Delicious breakfast baps with egg and whatever else you might fancy. I can fully recommend hash browns on the side. They are like they are crumbed in a fried chicken crumb. So tasty. Nothing too fancy just tasty breakfast food. Service was not on point which is kinda annoying when not tipping doesn’t feel like an option in America and sorry hun but you better give me more than that I don’t give a damn attitude for the 20% tip you’re expecting. food 8/10 service read the rant above lol. Menu here.

Starbucks Reserve

I didn’t know this was a thing. Apparently John did and was extremely happy to bump into it. We had a coupe of hours to kill before meeting friends for dinner so made full use of the bar and enjoyed a cocktail. Along with a complimentary nibble. Sit and chat get merry and watch them roast coffee beans. It’s all levels of coffee lovers dreams and well worth a visit. There is a lot of over priced merchandise but there we go. Cocktails were tea or coffee themed and so delicious. 9/10. Location 75 9th Ave.

Summerly Roof Bar

Located on the roof at the Hoxton Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Check opening hours as they are seasonal. we visited in November and it was Thursday – Sunday. Great Cocktails, amazing views. Nice atmosphere and really lovely to see a mix of age ranges. Amazing maple pork belly bites. enough said really 9/10.

Wow I feel exhausted just thinking about all those food places. Make no wonder my jeans were tight by the end of the trip. If you’re heading to New York there is hopefully something for everyone here to give you a few ideas.

We did also try a pizza slice which was pretty damn good. I can’t for the life of me remember the name to recommend but you won’t be short of pizza slices let me tell you.

Let me Know your favourite New York food places in the comments.

Check out my last post here, and I’ll see you in the next one.

Rach xx

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  1. Carly Jayne says:

    The Baccarat Hotel was by far my favourite place. The cocktails were amazing, the tuna tartare was melt in the mouth delicious and I could live off of their grilled cheese and dipping sauce!!

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