October 23, 2019

Duck Terrace Accommodation – UK

Duck Terrace accommodation by The Hand and Flowers. If you saw my previous post on the Hand and Flowers then this won’t come as a surprise. We checked into a room for the night to complete our Hand and Flowers experience.

There are a couple of rooms available at Duck Terrace so to be clear we stayed in Allier. They do have Flower Cottage and Apple House. A nice selection of beautifully decorated rooms. Some with the best baths you’ve ever seen and some with hot tubs on the terrace. My kinda place.


Location, heart of Marlow town centre. Just set back off the high street. A stone throw from The Hand and Flowers. Rooms Start from £195 for bed and breakfast. Most rooms are £275 or £295. You can find out more on their website.

Duck Terrace – Allier

Allier is a room with a little terrace and hot tub. Perfect for two on a romantic get away. Champagne in the hot tub, delicious food and just an all round great experience.

The room is a great size and has a bedroom with separate lounge, a small bathroom with shower and the all important hot tub. The rooms are stocked with the essentials and a few tasty treats. There was a lack of green tea, as in non and I felt too awkward to ask. So you know not a disaster but.

Bathroom has the usual array of products and I was pleased to see a flannel. If you know you know but what girl doesn’t need one to take her makeup off. Lets be honest a wet flannel in your suitcase isn’t ideal.

Final thoughts

I loved the decor and the whole relaxed vibe that went with the place. It very much matched up to the relaxed but high quality vibe of The Hand and Flowers. Parking isn’t great so they provide parking at the pub and driver service to take you to and from. Really brilliant, easy and quick. Lovely drivers too.

Breakfast is included and obviously we weren’t going to miss out. You have to try everything when you’re away so a cooked breakfast plus a pastry. We rolled home, I’m not even joking.

Nice touches including a little bag of treats on departure. Waters and flap jacks as well as a signed note from Tom Kerridge.

It isn’t posh and snobby and I wouldn’t want it to be. Everything is done to perfection, but relaxed and not stuffy. The perfect foodie get away.

Marlow is a really nice place, I would of happily stayed for a few days.

Let me know if you’ve visited and what you thought. Leave your fave hotels or cottages in the comments.

Rach xx

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