September 6, 2015

Skin Concern – Dry Skin

I don’t have dry skin, quite frankly I’m so oily my skin wouldn’t know what dry was if it hit it in the face. There are however lots of you that do. I’ve lost count how many times someone has asked for help with dry skin, so lets take a look and get things under control.

Dry Skin

To define things a little. Dry skin can be uncomfortable, tight or flakey. It can look dull or grey. Theres a lack of oil and sometimes water at the surface of the skin, along with breaks in the skins moisture barrier. The sebaceous glands are unable to produce enough sebum (fats) to naturally keep the skin moisturised. This can be due to a lack of essential fatty acids, the weather, stress and genetics.

The top layer of your skin, the epidermis, is broken down into different layers the very top being the stratum corneum. This is lots of cells with a network of keratin, a protein. This layer of the skin helps to lock in moisture, it’s also your protective layer. It protects you against germs. If this becomes compromised in anyway the moisture in the skin is not retained.

Tips to treat

Replenish your skin with lipids.

Strengthen and repair your moisture barrier. A healthy functioning barrier will help retain moisture and protect your skin.

Be gentle with your skin, do not over exfoliate. Scrubbing your skin to death can cause further irritation and break down your moisture barrier further. Once a week is plenty, switch to something a little more gentle like Ren’s Glycolatic mask or similar, fruit enzymes. It will break down the bonds between the dead skin cells helping to remove them.

Moisturise your skin when it’s still wet, it will help you lock in the extra moisture. Alternatively you can spritz with a moisturising facial spray before applying your moisturiser.

Drink water or eat foods with a high water content, its simple and obvious but really helpful. Also go for food with lots of omegas and essential fatty acids.

Use a hyaluronic based serum to hydrate your skin. Hyaluronic acid attracts moisture.

Switch to a moisturiser that is designed specifically for a dry skin.


I hope this helps if you’re a dry skin kinda girl or guy.

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Rach xx

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