Skin Concern – Enlarged Pores

We all have pores, they are all over our bodies and quite frankly you kinda need them. Pores allow your body to sweat, helping to keep your body cool. DO NOT be fooled you can not get rid of pores.

Enlarged Pores are those annoying pores that sadly got a little stretched and well just look larger than normal. Instead of being a tunnel shape they have stretched to a funnel shape. The support structure in the pore wall has broken down and can no longer support its tunnel shape.

Enlarged pores can be due to excess oil and dead skin cells clogging your pores. When pores become clogged it can cause your pore wall to stretch. Uv rays and free radicals break down your support structure. Enlarged Pores can also come with age due to a break down in collagen and elastin, altering your support structure in your skin.

How to help – Exfoliate your skin to promote a healthy cell turn over and prevent clogging of your pores.

Control excess oil which can get trapped in your pores causing them to stretch.

Use products that will help to strengthen and rebuild your support structure.

Protect your skin from UV rays and the environmental aggressors. Use SPF to fight sun damage and antioxidants to fight free radicals from the environment.

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