Skin Concern – Dullness

Some times its all very obvious and some times it’s just not. If you’re a little unsure, over several post I’m going to look at different skin concerns, why it can happen and ways to treat.

So lets get started!

Dullness can happen to anybody, yep thats right know one is safe. Slow cell turn over and breaks in the moisture barrier result in dull looking skin, this can be caused by the environment, sun, ageing, hormones and lifestyle.

The science New skin cells are produced in the basal (bottom) layer of your skin and work their way to the top before shedding. A pretty simple loop. In dull skin this process is slowed causing a build up of dead skin cells and therefore creating a dull appearance. The skins moisture barrier is as simple as the top layers of the skin, these layers lock in moisture. So if you have a broken moisture barrier your skin will become dehydrated resulting in a rough appearance.

A little tip. Do not mistake Hydration for Dryness. Hydration refers to water not oil and can happen to both dry and oily skins.

How to treat 

Exfoliate your skin 1-2 times a week to encourage cell turn over.

Strengthen and repair your moisture barrier with serums or creams.

Protect your skin with an SPF.

A few products I have at the moment to combat dullness. Hmmm a little REN and Clinique heavy.



Happy radiant skin everyone 🙂

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Rach xx





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