July 22, 2015

Skin Concern – Ageing

When I think about ageing, I wanna run straight to the nearest botox clinic. God help me I do not want to get wrinkles. Being in the beauty industry I swear it has turned me into a complete vein monster obsessing over perfect skin.

The sun, stress and environmental aggressors all help speed up ageing. You’ve also got smoking and sugar helping you age too. Ok so lets not be under any illusions that ageing is inevitable but sun etc speed up the breakdown of collagen and elastin, basically your skins support structure.

The Science 

Collagen and Elastin make up your support structure. To make it simple imagine lots of little fibres under your skin acting as scaffolding to keep the skin and tissues in place. Elastin as you’ve probably guessed is like elastic for your tissue and allows your tissue to recoil after its been stretched. Collagen is a structural protein, that forms part of your connective tissue. Its gives yours skin it’s firmness and suppleness.

Anyone’s brain frazzled with all the science?

How prevent ageing

The main thing to remember when treating any skin concern is prevention is the best cure.

Avoid sugar. I know once you’ve gotten over the shock of that comment, you’ve gotta be told that it destroys your collagen, so ultimately avoiding will slow things down.

Sun Protection SPF, Girls and Guys alway protect your skin especially if you want to prevent signs of ageing. Not only wrinkles but sun spots and pigmentation are caused by the sun.

Avoid smoking.

Add Vitamin A to your routine, It’s gonna be your new best friend to rebuild collagen and repair sun damage

Exfoliation will aid better penetration on products used on the skin.


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Rach xx

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