April 23, 2017

Les Sources De Caudalie – Bordeaux

Ever since my first beauty placement being introduced to Caudalie, I’ve dreamed about going to the Caudalie Spa in France. So now Im a little older or maybe a lot I’ve set off with my favourite travel companion in search or all things Caudalie.

Who What Where

Spa, Luxury Hotel and Vineyard all in the beautiful Bordeaux region of France what more could you ask for. Well maybe full access to the spa? A huge point to note, staying at the hotel does not grant you Spa access it’s available with the purchase of treatments and a small ish fee. It’s a sore point I’m not gonna lie. Having now been it really doesn’t detract from the amazing time you’ll be having and there are plenty other beautiful pools to lounge around. I’m almost over it.


The hotel and grounds are more beautiful than you can imagine, the vibe is very chilled and the staff have clearly been to customer service school because even fussy old me couldn’t fault them.








We went for the cheapest room and you really didn’t feel like it was, it was beautiful and spacious, had a lovely sunny balcony and was equipped with lots of Caudalie treats. We arrived to a tasty cold glass of white wine and toasted to a relaxing few days.



The indoor pool was the most beautiful pool you have ever seen. We were lucky that going during the week it was quiet so it often was like our own private pool.





The out door pool and  barrel style hot tub were just as perfect.



Food and Drink

The food is delicious, you have the choice of 3 restaurants. Rouge a tapas style cafe with tasty meats, cheeses, chutneys, wines and all the tastiest bread you can eat. You can sit inside and browse the store or out back in the court yard as well as a little patio area out front.



La Table du Lavoir an a la carte style restaurant with a casual rustic feel, attentive staff and delicious food from starter to pudding.

La Grand Vigne is their two michelin star restaurant, we braved the ridiculous price tags. Now I’m not an expert but we have treated our selves to michelin stared restaurants before and this didn’t quite live up to the experience. Sorry to be miss negative but if I’m gonna recommend a place you need all the opinions not just the glowing ones. We were forgotten for a good 15minutes, yes I checked my watch. Once remembered the service was good from there on. The food was delicious but I would say only 75% was amazing the rest was just nice. Don’t get me wrong this isn’t a bad review its just not quite what I expected for the price and status compare with what Ive experienced before.




In with the restaurants I can’t forget the bar, they will make you pretty much what every you fancy. You can pick a cocktail just so you can have it in a giant pineapple and then sit out on the terrace over looking the lake.



The part I came for was the Spa, It was beautiful and calm exactly how you’d like it and plenty of cute touches. Bowls of grapes and Caudalie tea dotted around the spa. Beware of the seeds though.

Our treatments were really good. I chose the Plupfriction Massage. Warm oils and squashed grapes  massaged over your skin, a little relaxing to let the grape exfoliate your skin, whilst having the best head massage, you know the type where they actually massage your head rather than stroke it. Finally showering and being smothered in beautiful Caudlie body cream. I made a slight error in thinking this was a proper massage in my option it wasn’t but non the less it was still a lovely treatment. John chose the Wine Makers Massage. The kind of firm but not too firm message with the use of hands and a stick. That sounds bizarre saying a stick but as I didn’t have it I’m going by Johns description. His treatment was fab also. I got treatment envy.







The hotel has bikes for you to head off exploring, we took full advantage to visit Martillac town and explore a few vineyards in the region. Slight disappointment that they all seemed closed so there was no large glass of wine at the end of bike ride.








Chateau Smith Haut Lafitte sits just across from Les Sources de Caudalie, the hotel will book your wine tour and tasting to make life super simple. The grounds are just as stunning as the hotels and the wines weren’t bad either.






I couldn’t resist a couple of cheesy pics because after all who doesn’t love a giant rabbit and a couple of lion statues.





After Thoughts

A couple of things I think are good to mention. The food is brilliant however check out the menus before you go. You won’t be getting a burger and chips. If you’re fussy there isn’t anything else close by either. Although its close to Bordeaux airport, 25mins, its aprox €65 each way and as you don’t get much pound for your Euro these days thats not particularly cheap. The week days were quiet and pretty perfect our last day was Saturday and we noticed lots of families so if you like kids great if you don’t, stick to the week. I wouldn’t be treating my kids and don’t think its particularly child friendly but hey each to their own.

So I’ll leave you with a final few pics because there hasn’t been enough already. I can’t recommend Les Sources de Caudalie enough and will definitely be heading back one day, hopefully soon.





Let me know if you’ve visited and what you thought. To find out more visit their website. For more France check out Paris here.

Rach xx

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