April 16, 2017

D Is For Dorset

Dorset is that place that has non stop picturesque scenery, peaceful country side and lots of hidden treats. Or in our case, a steam train line to get your geek fix and a bucket full of childhood memories.

We recently visited, one for a mini break, two to catch up with some friends and three to check out the steam train event Strictly Bullied.

Jump on board and enjoy my whistle stop tour.Β A few things to include if you’re planning your own trip to the Dorset countryside.

Steam train line

Our adventure started here, there was an event on starting in Swanage called Strictly Bullied. Not my favourite place but the train took us to Corfe castle which is more than worth a visit and the event itself provided may picture opportunities.


This picture makes me so happy, its hard to put my finger on why but the fact that this old man is involved and probably loving life just makes me feel a little emotional. lol definitely going soft in my old age.


I did love that a guy took a liking to me, not in that way, get your minds out of the gutters, a little chat and the next thing I know I’m in the drivers cabin. Even for a girl who’s not particularly fussed, I was flipping excited by this. Hello super cheesy picture, how could I not though. I also needed evidence as I had lost John at this point and knew he would be a little jealous.


Corfe Castle

The trains continued along with some extras. We stopped for drinks and lunch at The Bankes Arms Hotel. The food was great and the views were even better. I can’t recommend enough. You could wander down the bottom of the garden back to the train line or look for Corfe Castle.



Core Castle has the best views.






And pretty scenery, perfect for us posey types. *Inserts more posey pictures*






Portland Bill

Sea air, more beautiful scenery and a bit of lunch if you fancy. We didn’t stop as we were kinda offended that the cafe was called the Lobster Pot, was by the sea and sold zero fresh fish. I mean I didn’t really want a whole flippin lobster but it could of been so much more than cheesy chips.



You can’t come to Dorset with out an ice cream by the sea, so we did exactly that. I was a little bit pleased to see Brighton’s Boho Gelato had a store in Weymouth.


Durdle Door

This place should come with a warning, I mean I’m sure it nearly killed me walking back up the hill. Going down is a breeze and the views are more than worth the walk, but going back up was where the fun stopped.



On route home and one final stop. Wareham Quay. The pub is a standard chain but the food is nice and when you’re sitting by the river with the sun shining there is really nothing to complain about.

There is so much more to discover but I hope this gives you a little bit of inspiration if you’re planning a trip.

Rach xx

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  1. Christine says:

    Loved the observation about the hill at durdle door! Having spent many a family holiday there and helping my mum and dad lug 1/2 the kitchen sink up that Hill after a family picnic on the beach I remember it well πŸ™‚

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