January 13, 2016

Skin Concern – Oily Skin

This skin concern has me written all over it, I’m so oily its not even funny. Here’s why it happens and how to keep things under control.

We all know what oiliness is but to clarify oily skin looks shiny and feels greasy. If you run your finger over an area of your face you will be able to feel the grease on your finger.

Oily Skin

To keep it simple we have sebaceous glands in our skin. These glands produce oil also know as sebum. Over active sebaceous glads cause us to have have an oily skin. This can be hereditary, caused by hormonal change, due to diet, due to pregnancy or simply caused by hot weather.

Tips To Control 

Do not strip your skin, stripping your skin will produce more oil to compensate for the loss of oil.

Use oil free moisturisers during the day to keep the skin hydrated and comfortable but shine free.

Replenish you skin, a healthy functioning moisture barrier is important no matter what your skin type.

Believe it or not oil based cleansers will help to break down sebum. Oil will help to balance oil, you shouldn’t be scared of it.

A little exfoliation will remove excess oils, and prevent clogging of your pores. Don’t over do it.

Although your skin is oily is may be dehydrated, which is a lack of water. You therefore want to use a hyaluronic acid based serum to boost your skins hydration.

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