February 24, 2016

Lush Bubble Bar Haul

I love going into Lush. Apart from getting knocked out by the ridiculously strong scent, its like a little Aladin’s cave. It’s packed full of fun treats to make bath time that little bit more exciting.

Bunch Of Carrots  Bubble Bar

Loved these last year when they were all orange carrots but this year they’ve made them a little more fun and I couldn’t resit picking up a bunch. Not only for a colourful bubble bath, but to have a little fun with Henry, so I could include him in a post. He was not impressed.


Flowering Tea Bubble Bar

Don’t even like tea but I just couldn’t resist. What more fun can you ask for at bath time than dunking a giant lush style tea bag into your bath. It has a lovely floral smell and fills your bath with lots of bubbles. The best bit, it has a little flowery surprise lots of little purple flowers are inside the tea bag. If you’re one of those that hates bits in the bath after, you may want to avoid.


Lady Bird Bubble Bar

Last but not least are these cuties. There’s not a lot to say except they smell lovely and well I just couldn’t resist them. I felt the need to buy two, god knows why, but they seemed cuter as a pair. Yes I Know I’m mad. Again they are bubble bar, are you getting the theme here? if it’s cute and fills your bath with bubbles then it went in the basket.


Let me know your Lush recommendations

Rach xx

One response to “Lush Bubble Bar Haul”

  1. Natalie wells says:

    Oh my god I love the carrots, gotta get. If you want something amazing then you must get the blue skies bubble bar-beautiful.
    Whilst we are on the bathing talk. Please please try the bath melts from The Yorkshire Soup company. They will fill your home with beautiful scents and filled with essential oils you will be in love. thanku for the blog xxx

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