August 7, 2016

All About Eyes

All the things you need to know about looking after the skin around your eyes. If it just so happens to be something you are bothered about.


The skin around the eyes tends to be much drier due to less oil and sweat glads

Compared with the rest of the face, the skin around the eyes is only one tenth of the thickness. This makes it much easier to damage.

There is a thinner moisture barrier, it can be compromised much easier which can result in irritation around the eyes.

You have more blood vessels around the eyes, this can lead to dark circles due to a combination of over dilation and tiredness.

Looking after your eyes is super easy

Use gentle circular motions to remove eye make up.

If using a cotton pad soak your lashes for a few minutes to allow mascara to sweep off.

Gently pat eye cream in using your ring finger.

Dot not drag or pull the skin.

Use an eye cream twice a day.

When picking your eye cream pick a texture that suits you, I prefer a lighter serum/gel texture. Others may prefer a cream.


Eye products I recommend…

Eye masks for those times when you’re beyond dehydrated and need to get things restored quickly. The will brighten and hydrate even the toughest eye area. Pep Start to hydrate. Its no fuss not 100’s of thrills but really hydrates and creates a smooth surface for makeup wearers. Clinique Smart the all singing all dancing one that will fix a multitude of sins. Origins the heavy duty for extremely dry dehydrated eyes.


I am currently using and loving…

I love a mask because it’s a pamper but these genuinely work. They hydrate and sooth tired eyes so well.

Those times when you don’t need to spend a fortune, simple micellar water, removes eye makeup with out leaving the area feeling, dry tight or stripped.

My eyes are very dry right not so I’m going heavy duty to get they feeling comfortable again. I don’t have lots of concerns round my eyes so this is perfect for boosting hydration.


Let me know in the comments if there is anything you would recommend.

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Rach xx

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