June 1, 2016

Small But Mighty Ceramide Capsules

I’m always keen to have something help me out on the skin front, because lets face it my skin isn’t as flawless as I’d like.  When I’m looking for something new I like a product that makes sense, you know the ones where the consultant for the brand has a bit more information than it will improve signs of ageing. I mean come on anyone can stand there and say that, I want the why and the how.

These little gold spaceship looking capsules came with the why and the how. Who knew such a tiny capsule could be so mighty. I was informed we have Ceramides naturally in our skin and those clever guys at Elizabeth Arden have made Ceramides 1, 3 and 6 and popped them into a tiny youth restoring capsule. We naturally loose Ceramides over time so it makes sense that we would want to replace them.


The science bit for those that like to know. Ceramides are found with in the Stratum Corneum aka the top layer of your skin. Ceramide 1 provides strength, support and firmness in the skin. Ceramide 3 is your moisture magnet, think big fluffy cloud. It helps to calm and soothe your skin. Ceramide 6 is a gentle hydroxyl acid, this helps to exfoliate giving you fresh cell turn over.

I am loving these powerful little capsules. They are an easy addition to anyones skin care routine and I haven’t been this happy with my skin for a long time. My skin is looking much more clear and just generally healthy. Thanks guys at Elizabeth Arden.

Have you tried Ceramide capsules from Elizabeth Arden? Let me know what you think in the comments. Also send me your recommendations too.

Rach xx

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