September 11, 2016

New In Beauty

Let’s not pretend here, it doesn’t take a lot to get me interested in beauty. Throw out some clever marketing tell me its something new and amazing and I’m well and truly up for going and checking it out. Quite often though new launches can be just that, marketing, a pretty faced celebrity and nothing particularly great or exciting.

There has been a lot of shopping recently. A trip to LA lead to some major Sephora damage. Several shopping trips with know one there to restrain me. And just general Rachie naughtiness. All of this has however lead to some pretty great finds that are more than worthy of a mention.


Marc Jacobs – Air Blush

Ok they are just blushers, but like the name may suggests they are beautiful and light feeling, they blend seamlessly, the pigment goes on even and they give you a classy flush. Non of this she’s got a giant splodge of bright pink on her cheeks. I like that the compact is sleek and pretty and the blush is a blend of two colours.


Cover FX – Custom Enhancer Drops

When I opened this up I nearly died. It literally looks like a little bottle of super shiny molten metal. I am all over a bit of highlighter and this just wiped the floor with anything else. Do not be put off with how scary it looks. Just approach with caution and be sensible about the way you apply. I find putting a drop on the back of my hand, dipping a beauty blender in a patting a little excess off works pretty well. Then dab and blend in required areas. The radiance it provides is insane. You glow beautifully with out a chunky sparkly disco ball in sight.



Bobbi Brown – Retouching wand

This is like a high end version of the Maybelline instant age erase, which I have to say is a firm favourite. If you have a slightly larger budget go check the Bobbi Brown one out. It’s much more slim and sleek, I find it easier to be a bit more precise with. It does all the things you require, covers while looking natural and flawless, melts into the skin and makes you look pretty good in the under eye area. It’s a lovely consistency and feels super light weight.


The Body Shop – Instaglow CC Cream

This was not what I was expecting, the only CC cream I’ve ever seen is one with colour, and this doesn’t seem to have any. I have to say I much prefer this rather than what I was expecting. In a nut shell it’s a light weight cream type product that gives you a non greasy glow with some sun protection. Its nice to wear on a no make up day as it gives your skin a boost and it’s nice to use under foundation. The thing I like the most is it’s not like a primer that makes your skin feel slipperier than an eel and makes your foundation roll off as you apply.


Let me know in the comments if there is anything new you’ve tried that I may have missed, I love to hear recommendations.

Rach xx

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