August 13, 2019

The Ridgeview Picnic

Usually if you’re off for a picnic you’d head to Waitrose, pick up a selection of delicious treats and sit somewhere glorious in the sunshine. Sounds nice huh? If you know me well you’ll know I’m always on the hunt for fun things to do. So if I can amp up a picnic then I’m sure as hell gonna go for it.


Ridgeview is an English Vineyard in West Sussex, specialising in sparkling wine. Oh now I’ve got your attention. They have a beautiful setting tucked out the way down the end of an off the beaten track type road.

They do the usual tours and tasting and then they do picnic hampers. Or you can just pop in and purchase sparkling wine if you fancy.

Personally I think they have nailed it with the sparkling wine, I prefer it to most champagnes and it’s much nicer than prosecco.



Food that’s simple but done so well. The picnic is £40 for two people and comes presented in a cute picnic basket. Contents include 2 glasses or Ridgeview, not a bottle (I mean I did think a bottle was generous for the price but still assumed from the pic and didn’t read the contents properly oops)

The most delicious loaf of crusty bread, smoked salmon, cured ham and cheese. All the relevant accompaniments like butter and chutney.

Sounds so simple I know but everything was so delicious that it didn’t feel simple. All produce are local and there is plenty of it. You are not gonna go hungry.


Go during summer, it was without a doubt lovely. A beautiful picnic area dressed with flowers over looking the Vineyard. I honestly could of been sat in the south of France sipping a glass of bubbles. They have cute little touches like picnic blankets and jugs of water to keep you hydrated. I could of happily sat there all day sipping on their Bloomsbury sparkling wine.

The food really was brilliant I enjoyed every minute of it. Our only complaints was there was nothing sweet. John and I are a sucker for a sweet treat after our dinner. A little something would have made it well and truly perfect. Oh and we like a lot of butter so a few extras would have been great. 100% recommend and can wait to go again with friends and make the most of a few extra glasses of bubbles.

If you’re not into smoked salmon, cured meat, cheese and bread then it definitely won’t be for you as there isn’t anything else on offer.

Let me know if you’ve been and what you thought. Catch my last post here and I will see you in the next one.

Rach xx


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