September 11, 2019

Ballintaggart – Scotland

As much as I love an adventure, I’m also quite happy for bit of relaxation and a little cottage in Scotland isn’t a bad place to do it.


Perthshire, Scotland. Approx 1 hour 30mins from Edinburgh.


East End Cottage by Ballintaggart. A stone throw away from Ballintaggart Farm and the perfect size for 2-4 people.

It’s cozy and peaceful and we loved it. You arrive to freshly baked cake and it’s replaced daily. I challenge you not to eat all the cake. A fridge stocked with milk, juice and still and sparkling water. A fire that’s ready to light. A whole host of great books dotted around the cottage and access to everything on offer at the farm and the Grand Tully.

I loved how peaceful it is and having your own space is bliss. If you don’t want to speak to people and be around others you’ll love it too.



We didn’t do too much here except dinner on the first night. They have rooms, lots of different home made cakes and snacks on offer in the bar and a tasty restaurant. It’s a little bit more causal than the farm but great in its own right. I love that it gives you another option.

Ballintaggart Farm

Possibly my favourite spot and the place with all the action. They have a few rooms with a gorgeous Scottish countryside view. A comfy communal lounge and lots of out door space. A picture perfect allotment style garden and a few hens wandering round. Little nooks to sit and enjoy the views and the friendliest staff. Everyone seemed to know who you were with out asking you. Even at the Grand Tully, we walked in sat down for dinner, had the food put on our room, which we never said who we were or what room but it ended up on the bill.


Cooking classes are on offer, we tried out the pasta class. Nothing complicated but fun to learn and informative. We made pasta with a walnut and rocket pesto and my god how can something so simple be so delicious. I definitely now have a pasta machine on my Christmas list.


I really loved the look and feel of everything here. You felt so relaxed it really was just perfect.



Plenty to choose from with choices on other at all 3 sites.

Breakfast can be had at the cottage in the form of a hamper, lots of delicious home made treats. Granola, bread, fruit etc.

Alternatively you can venture to the farm for a combination of cooked or cold choices. Both breakfast choices were delicious and I liked we were there long enough to try both.


Dinner at The Grand Tully was delicious. A favourite for me is lots of tiny starter options you could choose 3 of those which equated to the cost of a full sized starter. I love this because I like to try everything. Such a foodie. Nothing disappointed us food wise although the desserts weren’t ones we would pick, Im a cheesecake or sticky toffee pudding kinda girl.

We had a 6 course tasting menu at the farm. They were so accommodating, I mentioned I didn’t eat certain meats during our cooking course and they adapted some of the courses to suit me. The food was just perfect, things I thought I didn’t like, such as beetroot were done in such a way that I loved it. We had the most amazing monk fish course that a literally can’t stop thinking about. Everything is locally sourced, in season or home grown at the farm. The staff are really knowledgable and I loved that the Chef came out to tell you about your food.


John surprised me with a birthday cake, as it was my birthday one of the nights. They made the most amazing chocolate cake I’ve ever eaten. We were 6 courses down from the tasting menu, completely stuffed but it was too tasty not to have a slice. They provided a box to take it away and spent the rest of our trip eating cake. I eat a lot of cake but I think I ate more cake than I’ve eaten in my entire life in one week.


I really enjoyed our stay at Ballintaggart, I honestly can’t recommend them enough. The location is a little in the middle of know where so something to consider if that’s not your thing. We did Venture to Dunkeld (20 mins away) but there isn’t loads there either. We did try to Visit Aran Bakery but sadly they were closed for the duration of our stay, their cakes look amazing. I’m still not over them being shut if I’m honest, I mean how could they dash my hopes lol.

Ballintaggart are a 9.8 out of 10 and the only thing that stops it being 10/10 for me is just the finish of the cottage, it is beautiful but a little Ikea heavy and would love a roll top bath just to make it feel super luxury. I wouldn’t mind paying that little bit extra to get that. It really does not take anything away from an amazing stay it’s just a me being fussy. We met a lovely American couple who got married in the UK and go there every year for their anniversary. I think that shows how great it is that they travel from America to spend their Anniversary there.

You can check them out here for more information.

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Rach xx

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