September 23, 2020

Postcards From Scotland

A very different trip to Scotland but a great one non the less. We absolutely love Ballintaggart Located Perthshire, Scotland and always planned to head back at some point. Had Covid 19 not hit we wouldn’t have gone this year as we had other plans. It was a great trip and exactly what we needed. Keep reading for a few highlights.

Cheesy Toast Shack

120mile round trip for cheese toasties, crazy but so worth it. A girl I went to school with moved to Scotland and has a cheese toastie business, we wanted to support and we’re cheese fans so there we go. Located by the beach KY16 8LA, at St Andrews , a beautiful historic town. Well worth a stroll along the beach and a nosey round the castle ruins and town. Back to the toasties. We went Mac and Cheese and Chorizo and Red Leister and my god they were so good. I’m gonna need delivery. Check them out here.

Worlds Best Chocolate

If you’re staying next to the home of the worlds best chocolate it would be rude not to head in and do some sampling. The chocolates are so good the cake is delicious but the thick white hot chocolate is insane. Like drinking a milkybar, in a good way. Location Grandtully, shop/cafe Highland Chocolatier.

Dewars Whisky Tour

If you’re into whisky then worth a visit, if you’re not then keep walking. John likes a whisky so we went along and at £8 per person for a tour and tasting you can’t really grumble. Note Scotland are very strict on drink driving so they do give the driver little bottles to take their whisky samples home in. Informative and a little bit of culture if you’re into that kinda thing. Location Aberfeldy.

Taymouth Marina / Loch Tay

Stunning views, you honestly can’t picture how incredible it is. We sat and had drinks and watched the loch, it was perfect. They do have a pizza oven which we would of tried but sadly it had broken down.

Aran Bakery / Lon Store

Insane bakery, that is all. I ordered a cake for Johns birthday, due to a small hick up which was rectified with out causing any disruption to us, we ended up with a lot of treats to try. Almond croissant is a must. Sausage rolls are also a must. Chocolate slice and berry tarts were also delicious. Oh and not forgetting the birthday cake, after all that we didn’t eat it so packed it and prayed for the best. Even though it ended up a box of mush we were like Chandler and Rachel eating mamas little bakery cheese cake. Two forks one box of cake. Lon Store is separate but by Flora. It’s beautiful like the bakery, I wanted to buy everything. Lots of cupboard staples in cute packing, fresh produce and beautiful flowers. Location Dunkeld.

Atholl Arms / Dunkeld

Dunkled is a small town with shops, restaurants etc. It’s nice to wander round. As mentioned above its the home of Aran Bakery. If the sun is shinning a drink at the Atholl Arms by the water is a must.

There isn’t loads and loads to do in this area, but for us it was more about staying with Ballintaggart, having lots of yummy food and drinks and just having a chilled time. Taking it slowly and exploring the area. If you’re headed to Scotland I hope it gives you a little inspiration. Check out my previous Scotland posts, Scotland Highlights and Ballintaggart.

Rach xx

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