September 10, 2020

Fish and Chips on the Bluebell Railway

I’m gonna admit fish and chips is up there with one of my faves. There is something about sitting on the beach with a salt and vinegary chip. Can you go one better is the question though. Well let me tell you the Bluebell Railway have tried and here’s all the details.


Fish and Chips, a train ride and more importantly cake. The tickets are £30 a person which includes, fish and chips with bread and butter, chocolate fudge cake and teas and coffee. your travel is included. The train leaves from Sheffield Park, goes up to Kingscote, where you can get off the train before returning. Total journey 1 hour 45. You can purchase additional drinks if you like. A glass of bubbles seemed like a great option to me.


You know us, we do love the Bluebell. We had a lovely evening. There is something so calming about the railway and going through the countryside. The fish and chips were really good, but i’ll be honest not quite as good as a proper chip shop. The prosecco was top marks and the cake. It’s a great Friday night treat. We got a little dressed up and enjoyed every minute of it. Perfect for families, friends or date night. Value wise I don’t think it’s bad if you think of individual costs. Also you’re keeping the steam railway alive and that’s a really great thing to be a part of.


Can’t hide from this one I’m afraid. Masks are to be worn in certain areas but not once you’re at your table. The usual sanitiser and things are in place. Seats are spread out so you didn’t have anyone next to you or behind you. We didn’t at any point feel unhappy with the measures in place and it didn’t detract from the evening, made us so happy.

They do have lots of different dining options so do check out their website here for more info.

We will definitely be back to try out another. Let me know if you’ve been, which you tried and what you thought.

Rach xx

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