April 12, 2017

Chanel – Bronze Universal

I love a wander round Chanel. It’s one of those happy places full of beautifully packaged makeup that I really enjoy using. I heard a couple of people saying great things about a particular Chanel product, my little ears twitched and I found myself in a Store. Side note it was the one at Spitalfields Market in London and they have a beautiful pop up Coco Cafe for their new lip launch.


Back to the product. A bit of swatching, a sit down and makeup application late I walked out the store with a bag of treats, a happy face and my new Bronze Universal. As if I would be leaving with nothing.



The Product

It’s a creamy bronzer, in a ginormous pot that’s probably going to last a life time. The colour is a definite warm toned brown rather than an ashy brown.  The perfect tone to warm up the complexion add a little colour and shape back in after your foundation application. It’s not the kind of product you’re going to be using for some full blown contoured look, but let’s face it we don’t really require that in real life do we.

A little goes a long way. The makeup artist advised you take a rice grain amount on the back of your hand, warm with your finger and apply from there. She said dipping your brush in you’d loose your bristles. Did I listen. Nope did I heck, and now I’ve got a bristly bronzer. A big fluffy brush gives a softer finish than a more compact smaller brush.


The result is sun kissed and glowing and I kinda love that. The product blends well and doesn’t interfere with you foundation (if you use liquid or cream). If you’re pasty like me it looks beautiful with no makeup to add a bit of colour if you’re round the pool or on the beach. Those times when you wanna look good but a face of make up is not gonna go down well. I am certainly a fan and think it’s a great addition to your makeup bag.

It’s Not For You If

It’s not for you if you’re not a fan of cream products, or if you like to wear powder foundation or a lot of powder over your liquid foundation. Basically it doesn’t sit well on powder.

Lastly you know you’ve picked a good product when your boyfriend says ‘you always look good but your makeup looks particularly pretty today’ and that’s the only thing you’ve done differently. I’ll take that nice comment thank you and share the product with everyone else.

Rach xx

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