July 12, 2018

Brunch at Duck and Waffle

Going for brunch at Duck and Waffle has been on my list ever since John tried to book it for our first Valentines day. Funny enough it was booked up months in advance and we actually hadn’t know each other for that long before hand.

To cut a long story short. Great minds think a like. We got my sister and her husband a voucher for Duck and Waffle for Christmas and can you believe they bought us one too. Killed myself laughing especially as I worried it wouldn’t be my sisters cup of tea. Little did I know she’d been eyeing the place up too.


The restaurant is open 24/7 which sounds completely crazy. They kinda need it though because it’s flipping tricky to get a reservation. Location Bishopsgate, London. Scared of heights? yeah kinda on the 40th floor, so something to bare in mind. Check their website out here.


11am seemed like the perfect time to go. You can justify a few glasses of bubbles and it’s the perfect time of day to try out their speciality dish. After all you can’t go to Duck and Waffle with out actually eating Duck and Waffle can you?

If I’m honest I wasn’t sure how it was gonna work for me. Sure crispy duck leg, waffle, fried egg and maple are all damn tasty on their own but who the heck worked that combination out. As you may have guessed it was so delicious. I could of ordered it again. Fussy old me did switch the mustard maple for plain maple, nope I just can’t, mustard is horrible stuff.

Most of our party went with Duck and Waffle, except for the smallest member, not quite the easiest thing for him to eat.  He shared some delicious banana waffles and had the cutest box of biscuits. Traditional biscuits with a twist. I will leave his cute little face to do the talking. I think you’ll agree they were a winner. Completely irrelevant but he’s just too cute.

Champagne is delicious, the views are amazing and the bar stocks everything you can think of. The building its self is quite something, if you’re into that. Don’t know about you but I love a great setting it sets up the vibe of the place. Add all that to the tastiest food, good service and you’ve got yourself a pretty great restaurant.

To Finish

We had the most amazing chocolate fondant to finish. Not necessarily needed with brunch, but hey there are no rules here. Peanut chocolate deliciousness. I can’t even tell you how insane it was. It didn’t even make it onto a picture, because there are somethings that do not want to sit and wait while you faff around photographing it. Ice cream hot pudding you get where we’re going.

Duck and Waffle definitely gets a huge thumbs up from me. I’m glad we finally made it there and can’t wait to go back soon.

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Rach xx

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