August 29, 2018

The Ned – London

John spotted a new hotel The Ned. Everyone has those things they love to do. For John and I we like a fancy hotel. There is something about having a night away, the tastiest food and drink, being pampered and being well and truly looked after. Grab a drink and some snacks because this is gonna be a long one.


Old bank turned into Hotel. I went in far too blind as usual but the surprise was even better. Think grand and then there is The Ned. The building is renovated with in an inch of its life, but in a good way. Renovations are sympathetic to the original bank building and the renovation team have kept some really cool features.


Bedrooms stocked with more Cow Shed products then an actual store. All the extra bits that you may have forgotten like a razor etc. A mini bar stocked to the brim and a lovely fluffy robe. I rate my hotel on robes, don’t necessarily need one but I like it when there is one. I always wear it too just to prove a point.

Each room was furnished beautifully and very much in keeping with the style of the hotel. The hotel has got very much a rich Gentleman’s vibe. I realise that’s not an actual style but I couldn’t work out what it was, that’s the only way I can describe it. Beautiful bouquets of flowers are dotted all around the hotel.  Points to John for picking peony season. My god the biggest bunches of peonies I’ve ever seen.


Cow Shed Spa, no other words need. Cowshed is a special brand for me. It has been a big part of my beauty carer and I’ve got a lot of love for the brand. Touch wood but a Cow Shed Spa has never let me down and this one didn’t disappoint. You’ll need to book early to get exactly what you want. With a membership and a huge amount of guest you ain’t just walking in and requesting a massage. Our massages were brilliant, and that’s coming from Miss fussy. I like it when the therapist gets what you’re after and she certainly got inside my crazy head and understood my needs.


Pool, sauna and steam, you know the usual. Nothing too out the ordinary. It keeps calm and chilled even when there are lots of guests. Changing rooms are far from average and stock everything you’ll need to get yourself glam after a swim or treatments. A personal favourite each station has a pair of straighteners. If you’ve got unruly hair you’ll know how amazing that it. The spa has all your fave products stocked for retail. Drinks and treats are available too if you need anything while you’re down there.


Food is something we all know I love and I can assure you it didn’t disappoint. There are more restaurants than you can shake a stick at. We tried our hardest to eat our way through them. Didn’t quite manage that many but The Italian was definitely worth a visit. I only had a pizza but my god it was a good one. I ate all kinds of tasty snacks up on the roof top bar. What else do you do when Johns been delayed and your trying to prevent yourself getting too drunk before he arrives. Highly recommend the halloumi fries and calamari, delicious.


Breakfast was included in our rate. I went for my usual Eggs Benedict, with a side of sausage just because I could. The menu had all kinds of treats but I went predictable. As with the rest of the stay the staff provided nice little touches. I loved that we were brought a ginger shot to start. Who doesn’t need a little immune/ digestion boost after a night of booze. I know I certainly did.

History / Fancy Extras

Live bands or singers great you the moment you walk in and are right at the heart of some of the bars and restaurants. Perfect to put a smile on you face. Equally perfect to enjoy with a few drinks and or food.

Bank vaults are not something you usually find in a hotel but if you’ve got one why not show it off. Head down to the basement to check it out and of course get yourself a little picture. Some of us apparently were not happy about having their picture taken.

Directors board room

Tapestry room, is one to check out. It’s been left un touched for those who love a bit of history. Original features have been kept, such as top hats and cane boxes. Not everyone’s taste but pretty cool to see. I made full use of the picture opportunity. John loved the history and I enjoyed him teaching me.

Roof top

You’re in the middle of Bank and you wouldn’t even know it. All the drinks you can wish for, lounge style seating and the best views. On a good day it’s the best kind of sun trap. I’m talking hours of drinks, snacks and soaking up the sunshine. The best part, a gorgeous pool to lounge around or take a dip in to cool off. More formal dining and a bar under cover because we don’t all want to fry out in the sun.


Are you still with me? If you are looking for a great hotel hide out in the middle of London then this might be right up your street. The room rates are a little more expensive for a standard room than your average hotel and you may need to take out a second mortgage to pay for your drinks but you’ll not be disappointed. For pricing check out their website Pricing can change depending on time of year etc. Location Bank, London.

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Rach xx

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