October 23, 2018

B is for Barcelona – Spain

Barcelona is practically on our door step. Ok just a 2 hour flight but thats a minor detail. It’s bursting at the seems with beautiful architecture and food and wine so I am just not sure what I’ve been doing and how it has taken me 30 years to visit. It’s one of those I’m trying to be everything type places, but perhaps that’s what makes it so appealing. Architecture galore, Gothic quarters, beach, food and wine. Head to Barcelona with me for a sneak peak of what you can find if you visit.


Lots of pretty little streets with quirky one off shops, or hidden gem food stops. Beautiful stand out buildings that look like they are from another time zone. The most spectacular Cathedral, that’s apparently not as old as you’d think and a whole lot more.

Cathedral and Gothic Quarters

Have you ever seen anything like it? The architecture is literally insane. So many intricate details have gone into this beautiful cathedral, I can’t even begin to imagine who had the patience, for starters, and how long it took to build. The Gothic Quarters are bursting with amazing buildings round every corner.

Food and Drink

We were only there for 2 days so there is only so much food you can fit in, but trust me I tried. There are plenty of bakery style shops to pop into or a whole host of causal or more formal restaurants.

If you want grab and go, we picked up some delicious ham and cheese baguettes. I know what you’re thinking, crusty super tasty bread with ham and cheese might sound simple but god it was good.

Tapas is a must. John has a favourite spot and I could have just ordered the whole menu. There wasn’t anything I didn’t like. God I’m hungry just thinking about it. Tapas is my kinda food, I’m greedy I like to try everything, so smaller plates and lots of options is great. You can’t move for Tapas but check out Piscolabis, you won’t be disappointed.

We also had some delicious Italian food at Cecconi’s. This is part of Soho House but they take bookings and walk-ins. Check them out here.

Ice cream and friends. If you want a bit of fun then this will be right up your street. Shaved ice cream faces, with pick your own toppings. Hours of fun.


We stayed at a Hilton which was very nice, we up graded the room as you know 30th birthday and all that. The upgrade was so worth it. Bath on a terrace, with a view, my god. The hotel was a great location for us and had swimming pool, bar restaurant etc if you fancied. It was easy access to everything from there. We also had a night at Soho House, but that deserves a whole post of its own, and will be coming soon.

Beach and Harbour

The beach didn’t do it for me. It didn’t fit into the city vibe that I enjoyed. But worth a wander round. There is also a beautiful harbour with cable cars, a great way to get a good view, and a huge shopping centre. I told you there was everything. We walked for miles trying to find the cable cars so if you’re not one for walking, get yourself the Uber app down loaded.

Extra bits

We all know I love a good posey photo and boy did we make use of a lot of photo opportunities. My favourite, the kissing wall, hundreds of photos put together to create an illusion of two people kissing.

We couldn’t get round everything in two days but we certainly got a taste for Barcelona. It’s not my most favourite place I’ve ever been to but it really does have a lot to offer and we had a great time.

If you’ve been to Barcelona let me know what you thought in the comments.

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Rach xx

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