October 6, 2018

American Style Afternoon Tea

Anyone else love a good afternoon tea but feel like they can often be a bit Samey? It’s a bit like if I see another cream cheese and cucumber finger sandwich then I’m banning all afternoon teas. Not that I have that kinda power or anything. The quest for fun and new adventures continues and this time we’re having a little bite of America in the comfort of our London Bubble.


London, 45 Park Lane, inside a lovely Dorchester Collection hotel. A small walk from Green Park or Hyde Park Corner tube stations. If you can do it in heals, like we did, then it’s definitely not far. Cost I’m afraid you’ll have to send a carrier pigeon to my sister. It was a birthday treat and I feel I don’t want to be rude and look it up. I would expect standard London afternoon tea prices. You can check them here.


If you’re expecting a traditional stand with everything coming out at once you’ll sadly be disappointed. Sandwiches come first followed by more sweet treats than you can count. I didn’t think I liked lobster until I dived into the most delicious mini lobster roll. My god it was to die for. I hope you like meat because you get the cutest mini burger and chicken sandwich. There’s a cheese and truffle toasty, insert drooling emoji here and lastly a tuna tartar thing. I’m sorry but raw tuna isn’t for me. If you’re fussy like my sister, sorry Charl, they are quite accommodating a swapped out several sandwiches, to cheese and truffle toasties.


As if a stand of cakes wasn’t enough, you got the usual scones. I’m sure most think they are boring but god I love a scone with jam and clotted cream. A selection of cake pops. Miniature strawberry milkshake, I know!!! I also got a birthday mouse cake thing, they tried to sing and I died of embarrassment and was like you don’t need to sing it’s fine. Haha I’ve never enjoyed that much attention and doubt I ever will. But it was a nice surprise and cute of my sister to tell them. Someone doesn’t seem to like cakes hehe (see pic below)


You can go standard traditional and pick from a selection of teas. Or if you’re being spoilt there are various bubbles choices. Who doesn’t love a glass of bubbles. Or if you’re feeling full on fancy they do a tea tasting trolly, which I have to say looked amazing but would have been wasted on me. I’m a green tea only kinda girl. I just don’t have the right taste buds for tea tasting.


I think we’ve all gathered that lobster roll is right at the top of my list. The cake pops were right up there too. But I cannot even tell you how amazing the peanut butter jelly Twinkie roll thing was. I had eaten so much by the time I got to it, I though I’d just have a bite just to try it. A certain little dude decided he was going to have a nap so a pot of tea and a lot of chatting later I forced myself to find room. There was no way I was leaving that bad boy behind.

The restaurant was really accommodating and the food was so good. I can safely say this has sneaked right to the top of my afternoon tea list.

Have you tried Cutcakes and Tea? Let me know what you thought in the comments.

Rach xx

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