October 28, 2018

Say Yes To The Dress

Saying yes to the dress is probably the most exciting part of being a bride, or so everyone says. Going dress shopping and picking your dream dress, hmm yeah, me I found it stressful and didn’t particularly enjoy it. I don’t particularly like wedding dresses and I just wasn’t feeling it.

I can not even explain to you how many dresses I’ve tried on. Everything from 100% non wedding, a beautiful lace white dress from Dior, to the biggest wedding dress you’ve ever seen.

Im not sure how I got there but out of hundreds and thousands of dresses I found the one that was perfect to me.

When you know you know

I now get the excitement and am 100% back on board with this whole wedding dress thing. It may not be to everyones taste but that doesn’t matter when you find the one that suits your figure and makes you feel happy and beautiful. The one that no other dress compares to and you think yeah they’re all beautiful but they’re not that one.

I said yes to the dress and it put the biggest smile on my face. I can not wait for John to see and to feel amazing on our wedding day.

Side note, does anyone else hate that you have to wait what feels like forever until you can show your partner? I always like to show John and make sure he likes it too. Fingers crossed he loves this one as much as I do too.

If you haven’t found yours yet, and you’re struggling, keep looking you will find the perfect dress for you even if it isn’t 100% traditional bridal.

Leave me your yes to the dress moments in the comments. You can check out my last post here here.

Rach xx


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  1. Yvonne says:

    You looked beautiful Rach

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