January 1, 2018

2017 In Pictures

Pictures from the last year 2017. You have been one hell of a roller coaster but I wouldn’t change a thing. Here are all the best bits in photo form.

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2017 started in Paris. My favourite place with my favourite person

First collaboration

My blog got it’s first ever post collaboration. Thanks to the lovely Jo from Bindon Abbey Wellness Retreat and lots of beautiful Caudalie products

Second Collaboration

I got the chance to review Visa skin analysis thanks to Worthing Laser and Skin Clinic, another proud moment for rachieroo.co.uk

Kew Gardens

Kew Gardens and their beautiful Orchid display. Perfect place to wander round.

Comedy Fun

Jack Whitehall… Still haven’t gotten over him bringing a horse on stage. I thought he was great but comedy is such a personal thing.


A visit to my old stomping ground Dorset and well worth a visit if you’re looking for a staycation.


Obviously a little train Gala for John.I got to go in the drivers cabin. John was a little jealous. You can’t go to Dorset with out a trip to Corfe Castle and the two just so happen to be right next to each other.

Les Sources De Caudalie

We visited Les Sources De Caudalie. The home of one of my favourite skincare brands Caudalie and the most beautiful pool you’ve ever seen. A place I’d been dreaming of visiting one day. It was everything I hoped it would be and can not wait to go back one day.

More Trains

Dinner on the Flying Scotts Man because who doesn’t want to have dinner on a steam train. A great experience but on an honesty note, not my favourite food I’ve ever eaten.

Stapleford Park

Onto the next train adventure with a beautiful spa hotel, we all know there are plenty more of these to come. Stapleford Park. The hotel really surprised me. A complete bargain, really beautiful, great treatments, just a slightly over tired pool.

John Mayer

The accidental but brilliant non the less John Mayer concert. Turns out John Mayer and John Legend are two very different people. Might never live that one down.

A surprise

The day I found out my bestie is going to be a mummy. A whole load of food drinks and good times. Including a visit to Bob Bob Ricard.


Spain for some sunshine.


Rachieroo.co.uk got a make over and now looks much more professional. Thanks to the guys at Pip dig and their brilliant blog templates.

Trains continued

Hampshire for more trains and exploring. The sun was shinning, there are so many picture opportunities and we had some great food out too.

Gallagher Wedding

Yorkshire for the Gallagher wedding.

Surprise number 2

One of my oldest friends got engaged #paulputaringonit Couldn’t be happier for these lovely people. Roll on the wedding.


My little cutie nephew had his first birthday

House Purchase

We bought a house. We made a huge commitment to each other and the start of many more exciting times to come.


My 29th Birthday and first time on a private jet. Still can’t believe this one, literally OMG. John is amazing and really knows how to pull out all the stops.


John asked me to marry him and I obviously said yes. Turns out you don’t hire a private jet just for someones birthday, you do it for a proposal. Happiest girl alive.

Unique Home Stays

The birthday/engagement fun continued with our friends and a Unique Home Stay. The most architecturally amazing place I’ve ever stayed. What a weekend to remember.

Afternoon Tea

Beauty and the Beast afternoon tea. Any Disney/cake lovers dream. Lots of fun and delicious food.

Roof Gardens

Flamingos at Kensington Roof Gardens. Soak up the sun, pose with the flamingos and enjoy a cocktail or two. All in the middle of London.

John turned 30

We headed to Manchester and ate at the brilliant Tattu  Delicious food and drinks and a little celebration. We finally saw John Legend not Mayer, he was well worth the wait. Completely Amazing.

Lake District

30th Birthday fun ended in the Lake District

Give Blood

I gave blood for the first time. Not my favourite experience but 100% worth while and will definitely try to do it again. You never know who might need it.

Harry Potter

After Dark Halloween special. An at night special including a whole host of treats. Drinks, canapés, dinner in the great hall and a night of magic.


The Disney/Universal adventure because we are big kids at heart. A definite happy place.

We included a trip to beautiful Naples for a secret mission.

Mad Hatters

The Mad Hatters Tea Party, one of my faves and well worth a visit.


A proud moment getting featured on Kiehls and Les Sources De Caudalie Instagram accounts.


We ended the year with friends and some of my faves agreed to be my bridesmaids.

When I look back on what we’ve been up to through out 2017 it makes me feel very overwhelmed. I’m not quite sure how we have managed to fit so much into one year. It wouldn’t have been complete with out John, my family, friends and all the new friends on the way. Not forgetting Henry and his participation in many photos.

Let me know your highlights from the year and I’ll leave you with my favourite adventure companion and my favourite fluffy friend.

Rach xx

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  1. CC says:

    Happy New Year to you! Looking forward to more of your adventures, advice and photos x

  2. Yvonne says:

    That’s lovely Rachie 🙂

  3. Pinky says:

    Wow – what a year. Well done on your moments of fame on Instagram. I have to ask, how did you get all those balloons for your photo in Disney ? Did they just let you borrow them ?! x

    • Rach says:

      Thank you 🙂
      I just asked if i could take a picture with them and they held onto all of the balloons out of shot. I didn’t go crazy and buy all the balloons lol x

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