January 29, 2017

Tips To Help Your Products Last Longer

Things that you need to do or stop doing to make your products last longer. Let’s get going.


Never pump your mascara

It gets air into it which dries it out and also bacteria which is not great for something going near your eyes. It will not put more product on your brush giving you bigger better lashes, its just not gonna happen so don’t ruin your favourite mascara trying.

Moisturiser pots

You know exactly what I’m gonna say, don’t you. Try not to dunk you hands into your favourite pot of moisturiser. It’s a breading ground for bacteria. Switch to a clean spatular to decant.

Keep nail varnish in the fridge

You can’t literally keep them all in there it is for food after all, but it stops them from getting thick and gloopy. A great tip when the weather is warm or while you’re on holiday.

Don’t use the concealer applicator

Using the spongy applicator in a concealer directly onto a spot can pick up bacteria. You then put it back into the concealer to breed and then you’re gonna put that back on your face. Just no.


Never stand your brushes up right to dry water can get into the glue shortening their life span. Nobody wants the bristles to fall out of their make up brush.


Avoid dipping into the middle of your powder, try to remember the edges, if you hit pan while you have a ring of product round the edge you’re gonna end up with a crumbly mess on your hands.

Clean brushes

Use clean brushes. I’ve talked about it before, you can check it out here, however a dirty brush into a product puts bacteria into the product. A clean brush helps to cut it out. I’m not suggesting a full on shampoo every time you use your brush but a quick wipe with liquid cleanser wouldn’t go a miss.

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Rach xx

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