Makeup Brush Cleaning

I don’t know about you but I hate cleaning my brushes. Lets be honest it’s a lazy thing I won’t try and paint over it. It’s time consuming and pretty monotomous. If you clean your brushes regularly then I am proud of you, because I am useless. That a side there is nothing better than a clean brush and it’s really beneficial looking after your brushes.


  • For hygiene. It keeps any nasty bugs out of your brush, you really don’t wanna be rubbing a dirty brush all over your face do you?
  • Your brushes will last longer.
  • Fresh brushes mean you’re not mixing your colours and getting some dodgy colour going on to your face. Nobody wants a dirty looking blush colour on their cheeks.
  • If you find your foundation isn’t going on so great, it’s your brush screaming out for a wash. A brush full of foundation stops it going on quite as flawless as you would want.
  • Blending make up especially eye make up requires a clean brush to really buff the edges


You’ve got two options to clean, get some foaming wash going and give them a good old shampoo. Alternatively if you want a quick change, pop brush cleaner liquid on kitchen roll rubbing the brush to remove make up. Don’t forget to keep things gentle. You want to be cleaning your brushes weekly or sooner if your brush tells you. My two faves are the MAC brush cleaner and the Real Techniques deep cleansing gel. Often people say oh I use baby shampoo, if you find that works then great use what works for you. I tend to stick to something designed for brushes as it seems to attract the make up, a little bit like how fairy liquid works on grease, you wouldn’t get the same clean dishes with baby shampoo would you, so stick with products formulated to work on make up.



If you have any tips let me know.

Rach xx



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