January 22, 2017

The Paris Blog

First trip of the year and we’re off to my favourite place, Paris. My aim this year is to go on as many adventures as possible, because well quite frankly life is too short and I wanna enjoy it.

So if you’re heading off to Paris here are a few of my recommendations. Grab a cup of tea and get ready for picture over load.


We Flew BA out of London Heathrow. You can also go from Gatwick or head to the Eurostar via Ebsfleet or London St Pancras .



Flying got us there is just under an hour so we could get exploring nice and early. We had our Lonely Planet pocket guide with us and like a pair of excited kids we set off in search of all things Paris.



First Stop Ladurée. Lets face it you can’t go to Paris with out stuffing your face with as many macaroons as possible.



This is very much my I do not look like a model posing outside Ladurée so I’m just going to pull a cheesy face look. Clearly loving life.

Champs Elysées

A little shopping and lots of browsing. I could not resist the Mother Ship, yes I found something that I blatantly needed in Sephora and made a few sneaky purchases. For us English girls Sephora is a must where ever you stumble across one.


Arc De Triomphe

Getting our tourist head on we headed to the Arc De Triomphe. Do not try and cross that crazy round, the survival rate is tiny and the French do not stop. There’s an under ground subway you can take. I lost count of how many stairs and I definitely discovered how unfit I am, however the views at the top are more than worth the mammoth trek to the top.






Couldn’t resist a very cheesy pic, I mean it’s Paris it had to be done.

Tour Bus

You can’t go to a city with out jumping on a tour bus. These jump on jump off bus services are a great way to get around and are aprox €30 per person. Make sure you plan your day a little as it’s a long way round the loop on the bus to get back to where you came from. Sitting on the top is very much essential even if its raining. It’s by far the best views. Who cares if you freeze to death if you get good pictures.



It takes you round all the favourite tourist sites.

Notre Dame




Opera House



The Louvre

Insert the worlds most over done picture. I couldn’t quite reach the top hehe. John managed, I reckon my photo skills are winning on this one.




The Mona Lisa is a must, even if you’re like me who doesn’t understand the fuss. Perhaps I’m just not art minded.


Tour Eiffel

It’s  by far the best views over paris. You’ve got to go up at least a little way unless you are ridiculously scared of heights. We only made it to the second floor as one we were too chicken to go to the top but also tickets were sold out.





Food and Drink

Harry’s American Bar the home/birth place of the Bloody Mary. So if you’re into that kinda thing or love cocktails this is a must. I was also recommended the bar at the top of the George Pompidou Gallery. Sadly we ran out of time and couldn’t fit it in.



Angelina’s the home of the best hot chocolate in Paris. I kid you not when I says it’s the best it really was. It was so good we went back a second time. Oh and the Tarte Citron is the best on the planet.




I hope you’ve enjoyed this little peak around Paris. Be sure to leave me recommendations as I’m sure we will venture back soon.

Want more from France? Check out Bordeaux here.

Rach xx

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