August 16, 2017

The Gin Tub

If you’re a fan of Gin or like a fun bar then keep reading. If bars and alcohol are not your thing then I’m sorry this won’t be for you. I can’t please everyone can I.

I love a night out with friends, nothing too over the top because I am far too old to be dealing with a hang over that lasts all the next day. I also love something a bit different and quirky.

Location Hove, The Gin Tub offers more than just a few drinks in a bar.

I completely love the concept here. They’ve put up a blocker to stop you getting mobile signal, they want you to be social and chatting not sat on your phone all night. Each table has its own old fashioned telephone. There is no painful queuing at the bar or being pushed and shoved so you spill your drinks on route back to your friends that have probably died of thirsty anyway. Dial O to order and they bring them right over. Winning. The fun part each table has a number so you can call up another table. You know for those girls or guys that are eyeing someone up on another table.

The menu is huge. You name the Gin I can guarantee it’s gonna be on there. If like me though and you’re not actually the biggest Gin fan don’t worry there are plenty of cocktails and other choices. I did try out everyone else’s as they worked their way down the list but took a liking to the Edinburgh Elderflower. Gin is a bit pine needle tasting to me, not the I’ve ever tried pine needles.

I was too busy having fun to take loads of pictures but these should give you a little idea.



Rach xx

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