August 13, 2017

How To Pack Light – Cosmetics And Makeup

I always over pack, it’s like some fear comes over me that if I don’t take everything the world is going to end. It’s completely ridiculous I know. Now I haven’t got clothes under control yet but I’ve really got on board with talking smaller makeup and wash bags. Here’s how.




I may buy/collect mini’s because they’re cute but they are actually pretty useful. I have now managed to get a whole skin care routine plus hair and body care into tiny cute sizes. You can pick them up through gift with purchase, sampling, purchasing travel sets or in your Christmas Beauty Advent (if you are that lucky) You can build up a stash quite quickly and you will cut your cosmetics bag by at least half.

Pack then re pack. I always want to take 20 lipsticks, slight exageration yes, but I never wear them. I’m on holiday to chill and barely make an effort. A good mull over things and you can easily half everything.

Only take what you need, kinda the same as my last point but I’m thinking more for skincare. Don’t sneak that mask into your bag if you know you’re not gonna be sitting round your hotel room with plenty of time to do it.

Multi tasking products. I’ve actually already done a post on this you can find it here, but it’s a great way to cut your make up bag down if you take one product that can do the job of two.

Finally the all in one palette. I have one from Nars but you can get them from lots of places. I know you’re supposed to pack it full of Nars but you can put any platte friend products in and everything is nice and flat so it fits easy in your suitcase. By palette friendly I mean flat and magnetic. You can get most things in there like blusher, bronzer, eyeshadow and highlighter.

Henry wanted to get involved so here’s a cute picture of him helping me pack.


Let me know your tips in the comments

Rach xx

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