March 5, 2017

The Breakfast Club

If you’re a fan of breakfast get your stretchy pants on and keep reading.

Brunch is one of my favourite Sunday treats. You can have a nice lie in followed by breakfast food close to lunch time and not feel even a little bit of guilt.

The Breakfast Club

I kept seeing The Breakfast Club pop up on twitter, got some serious food envy and decided I need to check it out. To my excitement they have expanded from their original London location to serval others and this includes Brighton. Brighton just so happens to be on our doorstep.

Food and Drink

You can pretty much have what ever you could dream up for breakfast from a healthier choice of fruit and oats or avocado with poached egg to American style breakfasts and huge stacks of pancakes. So may tasty bits in between such as fried chicken waffles, along with lots of tasty accompaniments.

The place it’s self feels very retro. The staff are lovely and relaxed with out skimping on service. There is not an ounce of snobbery in the air and its packed full of happy people catching up enjoying tasty breakfast food.

I hope you’ve got your stretchy pants on, I did warn you. The portion sizes are on the larger size, you certainly won’t be needing lunch that day. The food is delicious and the pancakes are the best fluffiest pancakes I’ve ever eaten. Drinks come in the coolest mugs and it’s with out a doubt a great place to start your Sunday, or any other day you’re free for brunch. Who needs Sunday as an excuse.

Only downside, come on there had to be something. Obviously a place that serves great food is going to be popular and it is exactly that. They don’t really allow you to book and so you will be in a queue to get in. Brighton wasn’t too bad maybe a 10 minute wait but I promise you it’s more than worth it.






Have you been to The Breakfast Club? Let me know in the comments what you thought.

Rach xx

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