March 12, 2017

Affordable Makeup Love’s

I do quite often end up going for more expensive high end makeup, and then I have to remind my self that actually there are some really amazing products on the affordable list. Things you would find in the mass isles with in Boots or Superdrug. So as I’ve gained a few that have become favourites, I’m sharing them with you incase more affordable makeup is your thing.


Lets start with the little pot from Maybelline. It’s not going to be for everyone, I’m gonna put that straight out there, but if you love gel liner to do winged liner like I do then you seriously need to get this. Ive had a few that have been more expensive but I actually think this one beats them hands down. It is the perfect firm but liquid texture making it so fluid and easy to use. It glides on gives you enough time to work with it and then dries and stays in place. I’m telling you this is going nowhere. I am quite the oily girl and even my oily eyelids don’t budge this.


On to the one I wasn’t sure I’d like but thought what the hell I’m turning into a cushion foundation addict so might as well try the bronzer. You have to be confident with it when you use and not be afraid to work it into the skin. Definitely use a beauty blender rather then the little pad thing that comes with it. If you get those bits right you’ll love it. It’s a healthy glowing bronze with not a speck of shimmer in sight. It looks beautiful and even if you’re not usually a liquid bronzer fan I think this could convert you.


These brushes are everywhere. I’ve looked at the eye wateringly expensive, the cheap ones and the ones in between. Because you just don’t know if you’ll like the concept it’s better to start cheaper, and you might just be surprised. It doesn’t have quite the same feel as a more expensive brush but the result are pretty great. You get that beautiful flawless air brushed finish that we all want and I quite literarily can’t put it down. I don’t even feel tempted to try out the more expensive ones, which is quite shocking from me.


Last but not least. The L’oreal colour correcting palette. It’s an odd one because it has quite a thick texture so you would expect it to get a bit cakey right? Wrong! It some how meshes with your skin to give you the correction you want and sits underneath your make up as thought it wasn’t even there. I’ve got plenty to hide and correct so this is going know where. Yep it’s well and truly stuck in my make up bag.


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Rach xx

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