May 25, 2016

L’Oreal Colour Riche Nail Varnishes

I go through cycles with nail varnish, some times I’m too lazy to bother and other times I can’t get enough. At the moment I’m like someone give me all the varnishes.

L’Oreal colour riche nail varnishes

So I’ve ended up with a handful of the new L’Oreal colour riche nail varnishes and at a price point of £4.99 I’ve been pleasantly surprised. Here’s a closer look if you just so happen to be in the market for a few new nail varnishes.




556 Grenat Irreverent


442 Coral Trianon


672 Gris Décadent


664 Greige Amoureux


116 Cafe De Nuit


224 Rose Ballet


The varnishes come in a fair few colours ranging from pale to bright to dark. There’s nothing that’s particularly new and exciting. They are very much classic colours, but who doesn’t love a classic. Perfect for the unadventurous types, like myself. Price £4.99. Brush head is wide and nice and easy to use. The consistency of the varnish is great, I’m a particular breed of fussy when it comes to how easy a polish paints.


I will point out that one of the brushes has a few hairs out of line so be careful not to get a dodgy one. Drying time is fairly quick. So far I’m finding they with stand chipping for a good few days, they can last longer if I’m not being too aggressive towards them. The pigment is pretty good with the exception of one.  A negative for me is the creamy nude colour, it doesn’t quite fill in perfectly.

Overall Im really impressed especially for the price point.

Have you tried the L’Oreal colour riche nail varnishes, let me know if you have in the comments and if there are any other colours I should pick up.

Rach xx

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