October 29, 2018

Pumpkin Flower Arranging

Lets be honest I haven’t got a flippin’ clue about flowers and I’m not creative either, but a friend posted about a class where the arrangement was in a pumpkin and I couldn’t help but get interested. I love a pumpkin and I always have flowers round the house, they make me happy, so I shared my excitement and next thing I know Im being encouraged to go and I’ve booked onto the class.


Location Lingfield, at the beautiful Ivy Florence florist. It’s far from your average high street florist and Jenna is such a lovely person. Jenna is full of knowledge and made me feel like I could achieve all kinds of crazy flower arrangements. I didn’t have a flippin’ clue but it really didn’t matter.

We arrived to tea and cake, pumpkins already prepped and stuff with one of those flower block things. Which might I add were 80% bio degradable, because the floristry industry are aware of their contributions to waste and want to help reduce. Jenna chatted through the flowers and leaves and all the lovely bits we had to work with, then showed us each stage using the flowers available. We all sat itching to go but patiently listening to all the details.

The class was very much free rein, with a little bit of prompting if you needed it and plenty of moral support. Nobody likes a mean teacher and being allowed to use your imagination is at the top of everyones list.

Hands on

Lets get into the best bits, the making. I think I had wedding flowers on my mind because I went for a very soft rustic look. Erm yeah Im not an orange flower fan so I avoided. I also wanted it to match my home which we all know is a million shades of grey. Plus the contrast between the bright pumpkin and the neutral flowers is quite nice.

So following the pattern of leaves to get your height and shape, filler flowers to bulk then statement flowers, well to make a statement, this is what I ended up with.


Genuine response, I loved it. I barely even chatted because I was so busy trying to perfect my flowers. I’m so pleased with the finished result. Don’t worry I know it’s not the best arrangement you’ve ever seen but for a first attempt I’m pretty happy. I won’t give up my day job because I love it but if beauty fails for me maybe flowers is a back up plan lol.

My pumpkin has found a home and is sitting on our fireplace. See what I mean about the grey, you think I joke but the amount of grey in our house isn’t a laughing matter.

Im now wondering if I can justify grabbing one of the last spaces on the Christmas wreath work shop as some of us apparently got the bug.

You can check out Ivy Florence here. Let me know in the comments if you’ve ever tried anything like this. Last post is here if you missed it and I’ll see you in the next one.

Rach xx

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