November 1, 2018

The Shellac Manicure

It’s nothing new, I know. It’s definitely been around since forever but I think it’s safe to say I’ve become a little bit addicted to Shellac manicures. Nail varnish lasts 5 minutes and I’ve had a sudden boost of I want to look nice and a bit more put together. Maybe it’s a getting old thing. Who knows. Keep reading for all the details because who knows, Shellac might just be your new best friend.


Shellac is made by CND. It’s a gel type polish that is set with a UV or LED lamp. It’s super glossy, hard wearing and therefore lasts up to two weeks. I know, flipping brilliant. If applied well you’ll stay chip free and glossy for the entire duration because isn’t that what every girl wants? If you pick at them though you may end up with a little bit of lifting, there you go you’ve been warned.

There are plenty of brands that do a gel polish but Shellac is my favourite because it’s super easy to work with. It lasts well, therefore making it brilliant. You won’t be needing a chisel to remove it because the acetone and foil method has it crumbling off your nails in 10-15 mins.

Only down side is, if you keep wearing them forever your nails can become a little bit weak. Be sure to keep them nourished with Solar Oil for the duration of your application, you’ll thank me for it.


It’s pretty much the same as a normal polish application. Just a little extra prep, including buff and scrub fresh cleanse. The treatment starts with a base coat. Two colour coats and the glossiest top coat. Each layer is set in the lamp with the top layer being wiped over to remove the sticky layer. Do not freak out when they do that. It’s going no where. For best results all your free edges should be capped with the gel. The Lamps are either UV or LED, most brands seem to be switching to the LED option and they tend to be much quicker, halving your curing time.

Removal is super easy, buff the very top layer, then soak a 1/4 of a cotton pad in acetone, pace on nail and wrap in a small square of foil to hold in place and create heat. 10-15 minutes of soaking and the gel should just lift off. Buff and oil. Tip if you’re going in for new set avoid oil, the gel will shrink and you’ll be in a right mess.


They have a pretty extensive range of colours, something for everyone including plenty of neutrals and darks for the boring types like me. Lots of brights or more adventurous colours for well the more adventurous. I absolutely love Shellac. Girls if you haven’t got the time or patients to let varnish dry this is perfect for you. They are the glossiest nails you’ve ever seen, you really won’t be disappointed.

Have you tried Shellac. Let me know in the comments what you thought.

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Rach xx

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