May 29, 2019

Life Updates And A Few Faves

It seems as though you guys are loving the life types posts. So if that’s what you’re loving that’s what you shall get. Beauty isn’t going anywhere but I’m going to try including more lifestyle bits. Grab some snacks and a cuppa and lets get stuck in with a bit of an update and a few current loves.

Deliciously Ella App

Not only have I grown conscience over the last year, if anyone is interested I can’t eat Lamb anymore. There is so much talk about the planet and the damage our meat consumption has caused. So for those reasons we are trying to reduce our consumption where we can. I’m also really enjoying a healthier food/lifestyle, less processed foods and more nutritious ingredients. So if you’re cutting out meat or you need an alternative to get those nutrients in, this could be for you…

There is a small monthly fee of 99p, cheaper than a Starbucks and you get access to hundreds of recipes. The catch, it’s 100% plant based. There is everything from breakfast, lunch, dinner to sides, snacks and drinks.

I haven’t exactly made it through the whole app but I’ve loved everything we’ve tried so far. The recipes are easy and full of flavour. Massive thumbs up I can’t recommend it enough.


Java and Jazz

I’m sure all we do is eat. Honestly Just look at my bank statements it’s all food or food shopping, I am not even joking. If you’re in Sussex and want a causal tasty brunch, lunch or dinner spot then get yourself to Java and Jazz, Forest Row. They offer tasty food in a relaxed environment as well as having the option to have a room to yourself, perfect for larger groups or parties. We’ve been for all three choices, breakfast, lunch and dinner and have tried takeaway. On separate occasions might I add, we are not that greedy. Not one has disappointed. They do take away pizza, so move over Dominos. You can’t beat their Rattlesnake Jake Pizza, not for the faint hearted though, it’s on the spicy side. Even the cakes are delicious and the staff are great too.


If you’re dying to know how the wedding plans are coming on this one is for you. Well flights are booked, hotels are book. We have picked and booked our Photographer. The dress has arrived and awaiting fitting number 1. We are now putting together our dream day.

Under 6 months away and I could burst with excitement. We are onto the fun part of picking food, drinks, cake, all the decor and personal touches. John is making projects his own which I love. Everything is fairly low quay, we have a lot going on from a life point of view and I am not a planner. So it’s perfect. God I really am not into planning and organising. I am however finding not being able to do some trials a little nerve wracking. Mostly the hair and makeup trial.


I’ve spoken about this one before (here) but I’m so hooked I might as well live there. I always wondered how you turned into someone who enjoyed exercise. Turns out you’ve just gotta find the perfect fit. I can’t recommend these classes enough. Lots of variety, huge energy from the trainers and the biggest boost of energy you could wish for. Check them out here.

I hope you enjoyed this little life update. Let me know in the comments what you’re loving right now.

Rach xx

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