May 29, 2019

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

One Size Doesn’t Fit All is such a relevant phrase when it comes to skincare. We get fixated on wanting to use what everyone else is using, because hell their skin looks amazing and I want that.

Whenever I recommend skincare to people I always think about what their skin is like, what they want to achieve from using products and also budget and amount of products they like to use.

If you’re thinking of investing in new skincare, rather than picking up a load of things that Joe Blogs says they love here are a few things to think about to make smart purchases that will work for you.


Don’t buy something just because someone else loved it. Buy it because it’s beneficial to you.

Learn what ingredients do what and how they benefit the skin. Do you need that to improve your skin!?

Know your skin. Focus on what your skin is doing and learn your skin type. I’ve got posts on different skin types, here’s dry skin and that will link you to other skin types.

How many products do you like to use. Don’t buy a mask because the sales person said it’s great if you never have time to do a mask.

Just because you’re oily doesn’t mean you need to avoid oil. It can actually help to balance things.

Know what textures you like. I hate a thick heavy cream but doesn’t mean you can’t love it and enjoy using one.

Dry skin doesn’t need to be scrubbed off with in an inch of its life. Treat it much more delicately, work on repairing your hydrolipidic film (acid mantle), basically your skins natural barrier which helps you to retain moisture.

Read the label. The ingredients list is so important if it’s being advertised an Argon body oil, you don’t want to see Argon as one of the last ingredients. The lower down the list the ingredient the smaller the amount in the product. Therefore you’re not gonna to get much benefit from the properties of that ingredient.

Final thoughts

I hope this helps in some way. Make smart choices skincare doesn’t have to be difficult. Finding the right fit for you can be much more simple than we allow it.

If you ever have a few extra questions feel free to message. It’s difficult to fit everything into one post with out sending you all to sleep, or getting on a rant.

Check out my last post here and I’ll see you in the next one.

Rach xx

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