May 23, 2019

Urban Decay Game of Thrones Eyeshadow Palette

I haven’t bought exciting new makeup in so long, especially not eyeshadow. Ok there have been a few purchases but only repurchases of every day items. No exciting new launches or fun new products. I do miss the days of getting everything I could possibly get my hands on but at the same time it has helped me to get to know what I actually like and don’t like, stream line things a little. Trust me it was getting out of control, so it’s a good thing.

This one is dedicated to the good old blogging days, a post dedicated to a new in makeup item. John was in America and you do not go to America with out hitting up Sephora, he endured it for me and came out with a pretty exciting treat.

Urban Decay Game of Thrones Eyeshadow Palette

I’d seen it, I liked the look of it and then thought, in no way shape or form can I justify it and moved on. John and I love a bit of Game of Thrones, even if the final season isn’t quite what we were hoping for, so he saw makeup and Game of Thrones and went for it. He is amazing for so many reasons but that was one of those, girls get yourself a guy that will go into Sephora and pick you something out because he wants to moments.

It’s a palette of all different colours all named after houses, places or people. There are 4 sections of different colour combinations and everything from nude, warms and golds to cool greys and then pops of colour with purple and green.

I did chuckle to my self using House Lanister with House Targaryen.



It’s usual Urban Decay eyeshadow standard. Really good pigment, not blow you out the water good but plenty there. No fall out. Easy to blend. Lasts fairly well, not the longest lasting I’ve ever used but it doesn’t crease and get eaten up which is the most important for me. It does soften in depth throughout the day though.

There really are a lot of colours, something for everyone. If you’re into colour or want to be it’s great because its not too crazy. A kind of introduction to colour. Wearable colour. You can create a really beautiful dark purple smokey eye or a grey/ blue smokey eye. There are plenty that leans more neutral too.

My favourite combination is, House Targaryen all over the lid with lots of House Lannister through the crease and very softly buffed out, then a little bit of Nymeria right in the crease for a little depth.

It’s Not For You If

If you really can’t stand colour then don’t bother, there are other palettes that would be a better alternative.

The packaging is chunky as and so not travel friendly. I mean it has a pop up Iron Throne in it, which I am definitely not mad at. On the flip side that is gonna put plenty of people off.

There are more shimmer shades than matte so if you like all matte there isn’t too much of it.


My thoughts

I love it. Ok it’s a little gimmicky but you can’t really do a Game of Thrones palette with out going all out can you. If anyone one was gonna rise to the challenge it was gonna be Urban Decay. They’ve done a pretty good job. I would of liked maybe one or two more matte colours for crease transition type colours but can’t have everything I guess. I just feel the golds and grey colours need something else to work with them. The eyeshadow palette can be picked up from Urban Decay on line.

Let me know if you have this palette and what you thought. There are a few other items in the collection so if there is anything that’s a must have let me know.

If you missed my last post you can check it out here.

Rach xx

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