August 5, 2020

Levis 501 Shorts

Is there such a thing as the perfect pair of shorts? Up until this summer no, there definitely was not. Shorts are uncomfortable, fit on the waist, suffocate your legs and just don’t work. My experience anyway. Getting on like a house on fire with Levis jeans I figured i’d invest in their shorts. They are classic shorts so you’re gonna get them out each summer, it makes the maths work.

3 pairs of 501 shorts turned up and 3 pairs stayed. I’m sure you’re all not shocked but I was. The are so comfy, fit on the waist, fit the legs, look cute and well there was no way I was letting a pair go.

I posted a picture on Instagram and I have honestly never had more questions about an item of clothing. They come in so many colour shades, slight variations and I love that you can get half sizes. I’m sure I’m not the only one who sometimes sits in between sizes. I often find them out of stock on their website so picked mine up from Urban Outfitters.

Trying to get a variety I went for a blue ripped effect. Very light blue and and light blue. Obviously now I need black and dark blue and probably a whole wardrobe full but I will quit while I’m ahead. You can dress them up dress them down. The perfect summer wardrobe staple.

To check out more from Levis head to their website here.

Have you tried Levis Shorts? Let me know in the comments if you love them too. A little tip for those who love a bargain. Ashford shopping outlet have a Levis outlet store. You can often find them in there and with a much nicer price tag. Please don’t clear them out though, I need to be able to stock up. You can catch my last post here and I will see you in the next one.

Rach xx

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