February 11, 2018

Disney Diaries – Orlando, Florida

You can’t help but love Disney. If you hate it then who even are you. I’m 29 and I still can’t get enough. Every now an again you’ve gotta pack your bags and head off to Orlando, Florida for sunshine and more importantly a Disney filled week of magical memories.

The magic for me starts at Magic Kingdom. It has awesome rides, so much Disney you could explode with excitement and not to mention the ginormous princess castle. There is more Disney merchandise than you can imagine and I’m almost certain it’s the happiest place in the world.

Minnie Mouse ears are essential. You are by far the odd one out with out them.

If you’re not stuffing your face with Micky shaped snacks are you even at Disney? I was slightly upset to not find Micky Mouse waffles, but I sure as hell made up for it in Micky pretzels, I lost count of how many of them I ate dunked in cheese sauce… Yeah did I not mention you can forget any kind of diet.

Hugging characters is also compulsory, I mean they just look so damn happy. I apparently loved every minute of it, I did have to remind myself how old I am.

Disney by night is even more beautiful and you’ve really gotta stick it out to the end for the fire works. It’s worth fighting for space to see them. You don’t literally fight but there are more people than you can imagine. Be careful of seasonal shows as the parks will close early unless you wanna fork out a load more money.

There are certain rides that are a must. Rock’n’ Roller Coaster makes me very happy. Aero Smith playing and speeding round a roller coaster in a super stretch limo, hours of fun. Tower of Terror is a love hate, you will want to vom but you just can’t miss it. Oh and for the slightly smaller thrill seeker or the big kid gotta love the tea cups. Just to pick out a few.

Every Beauty and the Beast fan needs to visit be our guest. Dinner in the Beast castle. I’m not gonna lie it’s over priced for average food but it’s a really great addition to your Disney trip. Having dinner while the Beast walks through the hall is sure to put a smile on your face. Book months in advance though or you’ll never get in.

Disney have this fab thing included with their tickets called memory maker. They take photos and you download them for free. Ok it’s not free it will be in the huge ticket cost but its great for those cheesy holiday pics that we all love and capturing moments with characters.

There are plenty of Disney parks to choose from including 2 water parks. I’m one of those weird people who doesn’t like water parks so avoided like the plague.

Animal kingdom for all your animal needs, more food, more fun rides and even more characters. I was slightly upset we couldn’t get on the new Avatar ride, sorry but a 6 hour queue who is even crazy enough to be waiting to make it that long. Including petting sheep and goats like you’ve never seen them before.

Disneys Hollywood studios for action packed Disney pixar and the first two rides I mentioned.

Epcot is the odd ball of the bunch but if you fancy eating your way round the world and speeding round the test track then it’s the place to be.

Last but not least a bit of Disney decor. We went mid November which lead to full on Christmas mode and my god it got you feeling so festive. Last picture I promise but you can’t not include a giant Disney Christmas tree

There is so much more than this to explore but we will be here all day so I’ve just included a few snippets. Leave me all your Disney recommendations in the comments but I can assure you I’ll be heading back. We also headed to Naples during this trip and you can check that out here if you fancy.

Rach xx

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  1. Pinky says:

    I’ll join you in the Rock’n’ Roller Coaster fan club ! More amazing pics Rach x

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