January 21, 2018


If your hair is frizzy, damaged, hard to managed or curly and you want to gain some control then girls Kerastraight might be just what you’re looking for.

I’m definitely in the bunch of girls with frizzy curly hair. I much prefer it straight and smooth and really struggle to get that. Ultimately I straighten it to get what I want which damages the hair making it more dry and frizzy and then I have to straighten it some more and then I’m stuck on repeat in a very vicious loop.

First thing to mention is this is not a straightening treatment and is far from the old days of those that would cause your hair to fall out.

Things you need to know, it’s a keratin based treatment that:

The process its self is fairly straight forward. Starting with a consultation to determine hair type and end goal. Followed by simple steps of a pre treatment cleanse, treatment prep lotion and then Kerastraight treatment application, the quickest rinse off of your life. We are talking 10 seconds. A blow dry, followed by the treatment being locked into the hair with heat from straighteners.

You’ll be in the salon maximum 3 hours, long yes but so worth it I promise. Price is dependant on salon location and hair length. You can pay anything from £100 up to £250+ The treatment will last approx 3 months. This is dependant on how well you look after it. You’ll need to avoid products with sulphates

I am over the moon with the treatment results. I almost fell off my chair the first time a dried my hair after. It used to take me ages to dry it fairly straight and then straighten it. We are talking 45 to an hour of getting it a hot stressed state. It now takes me 10 minutes to blow dry it super straight. I did time it because I was that shocked. I haven’t even so much as looked at my straighteners since and my hair feels so healthy and amazing. I’m like a whole new woman.

The only negatives, because you guys need all the info. Your hair will smell a bit for a few days. But you can live with it. If you colour your hair it will lift the colour. Mine went a bit lighter, which I’m definitely not upset about as I’m trying to get back to being a blondie anyway.

I had my Kerastraight treatment at Oliver Cunningham in Cuckfield but the Kerstraight website, here, will head you to the best salons near you.

So all thats left is to show you the proof.

Before – Blowdried only.

Immediately after treatment. Your hair will look poker straight but super glossy and healthy.

After – First wash and blow dry after treatment, no straighteners

Rach xx

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