September 26, 2018

Friends Fest

If you don’t love Friends I’m gonna go all Jeffree Star on you and say ‘Can’t Relate’ I grew up with it and loved it then and love it now a million years later. It’s light hearted, funny and sad and it’s so far away from the social media money hungry world we seem to live in now.

I’m pretty certain I’ve been living under a rock somewhere because how did I not know Friends Fest was coming to Brighton. I know!! Lucky for me my friends partner decided he didn’t want to go. Who even is he. And so I got asked if I wanted to take his ticket. Ummm hell yes.

Best Bits

We went, we laughed, we took a million pictures. We relived Friends and all the best bits and I bloody loved it. You can do everything from recreating the opening theme tune. Go inside the apartments. Pick up a Coffee at Central Perk. Best of all, and my favourite friends episodes, you can pretend to get married like Ross and Rachel in Vegas.

Central Perk

Checking the place out, drinking all the coffee and living life as Phoebe Buffay. Smelly cat smelly cat what are the feeding you…?


High School Rachel Met Dr Drake Ramoray. As you can see this killed me. How much happiness can you fit into one picture.

We got married in Vegas and the dressing up continued. Mrs and Mrs. The Vegas episode where Ross and Rachel Get married is one of my favourites, which made it quite fun to recreate.

Pivot, Go on who remembers this scene, or the one after where he tries to take it back in bits.


We started at Monica and Rachels. Getting the snap of that famous door. Drinking coffees in the brightest blue kitchen and spying on Ugly Naked Guy.

Onto Chandler and Joeys. All the fun at Chandler and Joeys, Couldn’t resist a funny shot with the dog. We Left the guys a note on the door.  Played some table football and then went for a ride in the canoe before kicking back in front of the tv.

Finally onto Ross’s / Ugly Naked Guy’s Apartment


The one where Ross and Rachel did laundry and Ross was trying to look like a tough guy instead of a softie. We tried to guess at pictionairy and scared ourselves silly checking out Phoebes art work. Not forgetting the one where Chandler couldn’t smile for the camera.

After thoughts

I had the best time and I’m so pleased I got to go. I certainly would love to go again and take John. He would love it. I will say if you’re thinking about booking for next time. They do rush you through the apartments. You fair have to rush round getting the pictures you want. Also there is a big group in there with you so some of your photos won’t come out quite how you want them because there are people in the back ground. Did anyone else spot a few props that weren’t quite the same. Some that stood out to me are the dog, where’s his red mouth gone? and the canoe is different coloured wood in the series. That aside I genuinely think it’s brilliant and any Friends fan will have the best time.

Let me know if you’ve been and what you though. Check out my last post here.

Rach xx

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