October 8, 2017

The One About Giving Blood

I’ve always said I’d like to give blood. I have a bit of a bee in my bonnet atm about doing good things, helping others or doing things that are worth while. Not a bad place to be really. So I have finally, after god knows how many years of saying I would, given blood.



It’s scary and nerve wracking but ultimately someone else might really need it or I might need someone else’s, so it only seems fair I donate.

The procedure is fairly quick about 5-10 mins but there are a whole range of questions and a quick test before hand. After all they’ve gotta make sure they’re not passing something from you to someone else that they shouldn’t be.

You’ll be checked for iron with a finger prick test. I did query what she was looking for and she thought I was nuts, but the gist of it is the solution they drop your blood into allowed it to sink if you had plenty of iron or float if you didn’t.


I was pretty nervous but the nurses were all so reassuring. Let’s be honest I was being a wimp. I’m not saying it was pleasant but it wasn’t anything bad. A quick sharp stab when the needle goes in and that’s about it.

Everyone does react differently. I found I got cold and my arm was a little bit tingly, clearly because I couldn’t get the hang of squeezing my bum and thighs at the same time as my hand. Yes zero coordination.

You finish off with a few snacks and plenty of fluid and you’ve finished your donation.


I am so pleased I’ve been I feel I’ve done a good thing and will certainly go again. Thanks to my friend Bill for coming along to hold my hand and do it with me and John for also being there with me. Such a lucky girl.

If you’re interested yourself in giving blood it is super easy and literally takes minutes to book a time slot. Just click here to check things out.

Let me know if you have donated and how many times a couple of my friends have reached 41, let’s see if you can beat them. Friendly competition only though please. Don’t forget to leave your 30 new things recommendations, I’m getting some great ideas.

Rach xx

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