October 5, 2017

Spend V Save – Glycolic Toning Solutions

If you haven’t heard about using glycolic in your skin care routine then I’d love to know where you’ve been hiding. I feel like we have been completely bombarded with using it.

There are definitely skins that should avoid it or are better off with out it but if your skin is tough as old boots like mine it could be just what you are looking for.

Who, What, How

It is basically exfoliation in liquid form. Apply to a cotton pad and sweep across the face avoiding your eyes. It helps to boost cell turn over, remove dead skin cells resulting in a brighter complexion. If you have acne prone skin, rosacea or sensitive skin then I would avoid. Acne prone skins work better with enzymes as glycolic acid can disrupt the PH balance killing your friendly bacteria.

Spend or Save

So the question remaining is do you need to splash the cash or can you get a long just peachy with a cheaper alternative.

I kid you not I have tested one on either side of my face to get the most accurate comparison. I know I’m crazy but I wanted to be confident in my answer. Yes those are the lengths I’ll go to for a review. One on One side and the other on the other side.

You’ll be pleased to hear using at night religiously for the last two weeks my skin has been much brighter and radiant, it has that subtle luminosity. An added bonus I’ve suffered with less break outs, yay winning. Don’t be fool  though they’ll be back.

The Verdict

The good news there is no differences between either sides, the results are exactly the same. The only crazy comment I can make is the Pixi tonic is nicer smelling and dare I make such a ridiculous comment it feels softer on the skin. I know how is that possible it’s a liquid but it just some how is.

You definitely do get a little bit more, a few sprinkles of glitter so to speak on your product but unless you are dead set on on a cute Pixi bottle you’re more than gonna get the results you want with The Ordinary. So girls you’re good to save on this one.

Rach xx

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