July 16, 2017

The Unexpected Spa Hotel – Leicester

When your boyfriend says if I book a spa hotel will you come to a train thing in Leicester, how can you say no. You should always do nice things for your partner. However when a big fat spa sized carrot is dangled in front of you, well you can only be delighted. Unless you don’t like spa’s and as odd as I find it there are people out there that don’t. Personally I think they don’t know what they are missing but as usual I’m waffling.

I didn’t know what to expect based on not knowing Leicester prices. The price of the package was so cheap. I mean who does a 90minute spa treatment plus bed and breakfast for the price of a spa treatment in London. My mind was blown.

Stapleford Park

To my excitement when we turned up and saw this I was jumping for joy. Not only had John sniffed out a bargain but the place was flipping beautiful.


The grounds and the building are beautiful, lots of gardens and secret gardens along with a golf course and spa and gym. The Spa and gym are a 5 minute walk from the hotel its self or a short golf buggy ride if you’re feeling lazy.












So lets start at the Spa because in my crazy mind thats the best bit. The building itself is a stable conversion type, which is right up my street. A pretty well equipped gym not that I stepped foot in there, come on this is a spa break there is no gym in spa. There were so many treatment rooms I lost count but it didn’t feel busy or conveyer belt like. The treatment was brilliant, having trained as a therapist I am all kinds of fussy. The pressure was exactly as I asked and she actually bothered to use her elbows. You’ve guessed it I love a firm massage and an elbow in my shoulders. The only fault was the treatment included a scrub and you had to talk a short walk to the shower. I know not really much of a hard ship.




Jumping back to the hotel, the room was furnished in a lovely style and nothing was shabby or cheap and nasty. It was nice and spacious and had a lovely view of the grounds. The little luxuries like fluffy robes and complementary slow gin. The hotel was well equipped, a bar serving a whole range of drinks and a restaurant with food on the fancy side. The pool is the only let down, tiny changing rooms and the whole thing was dated.


I have never been so surprised by a hotel and definitely think its worth a visit if you’re heading that way. Check them out here.

Rach xx

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