March 18, 2018

The Sugar Crush

I hate to be one of those people harping on about sugar but it’s definitely not your friend. I know I hate to admit it too.

Not only can sugar give you teeth problems and cause many health issues, but it can also cause havoc with your skin. I am not for a second telling you to give up sugar. This is just a friendly here’s a little bit of information. I am 100% guilty of not being able to give up sugar but I certainly notice a difference in my skin when I cut down.

These are a few reasons why you might want to avoid it:

Sugars leads to a spike in your insulin levels.

It causes an increase in inflammation. Inflammation produces enzymes in the body and those enzymes will break down your collagen and elastin. Inflammation is also a cause of acne.

Sugar destroys your collagen and we all know that a break down in collagen can lead to winkles and ageing skin.

It can be a cause of acne. Now I’m not saying it’s the only reason people have acne, because it’s definitely not but it certainly contributes.

Excessive sugar can aggravate Candida (a yeast that lives in the skin and digestive track) Your immune system will keep it under control, however sugar can cause it to get out of control. Sorry to include that one, yeast always makes me feel funny but you know, wouldn’t want to leave anything out.

Sugar can cause gut problems. Poor gut health shows in your skin.

I don’t know about you but that’s more than enough to send me running. Who am I kidding though I’d kill for one of those cinnamon swirls. But in all seriousness you certainly don’t have to cut out sugar but cutting down can help you out a great deal. I am also referring to refined sugars, not natural sugars such as those found in fruits and vegetables.

As always if you have anything to add that i’ve missed, I’d love to know everything but, I’m ok with admitting I don’t, leave it in the comments because sharing is caring.

Rach xx


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