March 11, 2018

The Electronic Foundation Brush

Who loves a foundation brush? Definitely me. I’m not going to pretend to be normal when it comes to a makeup brushes. Because I’m just not. I’ve got more than I can count. But you know different ones work with different products. Plus you know, need a few for when you’re too lazy to clean them. I also like to try out new shapes and styles as sadly the addict in me can’t resist something new.

As if Clarisonic have branched out a little. I never in a million years expected to find a foundation attachment for my Clarisonic. The poor thing had been made redundant after I ended up with the Clinique sonic brush, and then slowly gave up on both. I’m over the moon to have a new use for it.

I bought it 100% out of curiosity I thought the bristles were far too long and I’d hate it. I’m the kind of person who prefers short densely packed foundation brushes, but hey were all allowed to be different.

I’ve been pleasantly surprised. The finish is that to die for buffed in flawless look. It doesn’t cause streaks or any patchy mess’s. It’s really easy to work with and nice and quick. Us girls, or guys, gotta get as much help saving time as we can, so a complete win. I will say it doesn’t create the fullest coverage but on the plus side, you barely need any product because it makes it go further than you could imagine. It does seem to need cleaning a little more regularly than other brushes, but yes I’m so guilty of a dirty brush so this is probably a good thing.

The foundation brush attachment can be used with all foundations types. I’ve tried and few and been happy with all of them. You’ll also get on well using it with liquid/ cream contour products. It doesn’t lift the foundation or disrupt it in anyway.

I kinda like the feel of using it too. It’s like getting a little massage whilst putting your foundation on, I’m definitely not gonna complain about that added bonus.

I can’t seem to find this attachment on their own website. But I picked mine up from Sephora. They definitely could be a little cheaper as they are a hefty $39 but I feel money well spent.

Let me know if you’ve tried the foundation brush attachment for the Clarisonic. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Rach xx

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