March 8, 2019

The One With The New House

During all the exciting changes to happen over this last year John and I bought a house together. Nothing like doing everything at once. Not either of ours first purchase. But the first time to commit to a purchase with someone else. I’ve been dying to do the post for ages but was waiting until the house was looking a bit more it’s best.

The House

For obvious reasons I’m not going to tell you all our location, it’s probs not the best thing to put all over the internet. But it’s a lovely quiet West Sussex village with a couple of pubs. The house was pretty much done, it had been renovated by its previous owners, but we felt it was a little unfinished. You know those irritating corner cutting things people do when they’re running low on money. Yeah it was full of those. The kitchen and bathrooms are all pretty brand new, not my dream ones but they look nice. So it’s been a case of finishing things off and making the house how we want it.


We have done more than planned. The minute it was empty, and you start making it nice, a whole load of other floors show up.

We have done everything from replace a couple of windows. Build a fireplace. Build a wall with a door to shut off one room from another. Change carpets and paint from top to toe. Add shutters and blinds, change wardrobes as well as lots nice furnishing to really get a cosy home.

The house is still not finished, we want to change all the plug sockets to a brushed chrome. The drive needs changing as well as new front and garage doors. There are a few cupboards that need new doors, someones eye was wonky when they cut those. I’d like to add a wall of panelling to our bedroom and I’m toying with switching the paper in the lounge to panelling too. From a long term point of view I’ve planned a whole extension renovation in my head, to include renovating the utility room, adding a level above to gain an ensuite and getting my dream kitchen and bathroom. A girl can dream right. It won’t be happening anytime soon that’s for sure.

Furniture and decor bits need finishing too but it’s something that will just gradually happen.

Sneak Peaks

You’re not getting a whole tour but here’s a little sneak peak into our home and some of my favourite little corners. If you’re doing renovations I hope it gives you a few ideas. I’ve included a couple of Before pics so you can see how things have changed.

Lounge – Before and After

Dinning Room – Before and After

Bedroom – Before and After

Walk-in Wardrobe/Beauty Room

Spare Bedroom

Let me know in the comments if you’d like to see more. Id love to do closer looks at rooms as they become 100% finish but obviously don’t want to bore you if you’re not interested. Also if you’re interested I have created a  house account maisonrj on instagram, it’s just for fun so not particularly regular with posts, just as and when I fancy. Kinda a nice way to look back at the progress we make.

Rach xx

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