March 29, 2017

The Oily Girls Guide To Long Lasting Foundation

If you’re an oily girl like me then you’ll know how hard it is to keep your makeup on. We get pushed into a pigeon hole that is the matte foundation and it’s just not all that fun. Here’s a few tips to keep your makeup in place for longer.

Prep your skin

Just because you’re oily doesn’t mean you can’t use a serum and moisturiser. You can find oil free alternatives that will get you prepped and ready for foundation. Stripping your skin of all its oils only makes it produce more to keep it feeling comfortable. Clinique Moisture Surge keeps you hydrated with Hyaluronic acid but is oil free and creates a soft surface for foundation.



If you must use a primer match it to your foundation. By this I mean if your foundation is oil free then your primer needs to be oil free. There are various primers that will help to control oil or mattify the skin if you like that look. We all know I’m not a fan but if it works for you, do it.

Setting Spray

Use a setting spray. The best way is to layer. A bit before foundation, a bit after after foundation, and as if that wasn’t enough a little after your whole face is done. Something like the Urban Decay All Nighter.



Before you apply liquid foundation dust a little powder over you face. This will help to absorb some of those pesky excess oils, before they try to eat up all your make up. Be sure to be light handed. Dust don’t cake.

Finish everything off with powder to set everything in place. Translucent is perfect after all you’ve got your colour in your foundation you just want to keep things in place. The Charlotte Tilbury is fab as it doesn’t sit in your pores it also gives the illusion of them being smaller so it’s winning all round. Press the product into the skin rather than dusting it over, this helps it to work with the liquid and set.



Finally try to avoid oil based foundations. These can make up feel and look a little greasy. It doesn’t have to mean you need a matte foundation, because let’s not be under any illusions here, they don’t all stop oil from being produced they just keep you looking matte. If you like the matte look perfect if you don’t then to be forced into the matte look by your skin.


Got some other tips? Don’t forget to share them in the comments.

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Rach xx


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