January 4, 2017

Multitasking Make Up Bag

Multi-tasking products and tools. The ones that have more than one use to help reduce your make up bag size, help you out if you have a smaller make up budget or simply just wanna know.

There is no hiding from the fact that I love all the make up but even I sometimes have to cut the size of my make up bag if I’m going on a trip or something. These products are things that work perfectly for lots of different things.


Matte Bronzers

Obviously you can use them for adding a bit of warmth to your complexion but they also work great as a crease colour for your eyeshadow. Perfect if you only have space for one colour and want to add depth. My favourite for this is Nars Laguna Bronzer.


Mac stippling brush

This brush can literally complete your entire base. I happily use it for foundation, blusher and bronzer. It’s ok with highlighter but I’d rather not, you get a little bit too much product and although I love a highlighter I don’t need to be a disco ball. I feel I may need to take that comment back because I have definitely just lost my justification for half of my brushes.



For the girl that likes a little bit of shimmer on the lids highlighters are you new best friend. Not only can a light dusting give you a beautiful glow but they work great on the inner corner of the lid or for an all over wash of colour. Blend a bit of your bronzer through the crease and you don’t even need to pack an eyeshadow. That does make me feel a little bit ill as eyeshadow is my fave. Something like the Anastasia glow platte is perfect, the colours are great for a shimmering bronzed goddess look.


Matte Taupe / Brown Eyeshadows

Great lid or crease colours but also great for brows. A favourite is MAC Omega. It’s a great soft crease shade but perfect for defined brows that are not too drawn on and in your face.


The Angled Brush

Often designed for brows but can be used for so much more. The obvious second choice is winged or non winged liner because I don’t know about you but a gel liner pot and an angled brush is so much easier than a wobbly liner pen or a fat pencil with no precision. The use you may not have thought about is using it as a lip brush. If precise application of lipstick is your thing then little angled brushes help you create perfect lipstick especially at the cupids bow.


Let me know in the comments what your favourite multi-tasking products are I’d love to hear your suggestions.

Rach xx

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