January 8, 2017

John’s Skin Picks

Something skin but a little different for you today, because different is fun. We are chatting guys things, that’s right products for guys not for girls. Ok spoiler a couple are for both but they are all things that John uses. It appears I have been rubbing off on him. He’s always had the odd Nivea cream but now he has a little routine going on and I’ve gotta admit I’m so excited about it. God I need to get a life.

These are John’s faves:


The Body Shop Blueberry Body Butter 

We’ve had a little obsession with The Body shop recently, you name it we have it. John picked this because he likes the smell of blueberries. He now loves it and uses it daily because he had dry elbows and this has stopped it. The difference in a few weeks is pretty impressive. They are now quite soft compared the their before rough dry texture.


Kiehls Facial Fuel

John has dry combination skin. A normal occasionally oily nose and dry forehead and cheeks. He doesn’t particularly suffer with break outs but products can cause a few spots and like me he’s not a fan. He can be a little bit sensitive and has reacted to things in the past. This moisturises but isn’t too heavy. He likes it because it doesn’t cause him to break out like others have, but keeps his skin from feeling dry and tight. This is a great product for men it helps the skin to resist environmental damage. It’s packed full of vitamin C and E to brighten and prevent dull tired skin. And its non oily so it’s not really obvious you have some for the guy who likes their products to go undetected.


The Body Shop Ethiopian Honey Deep Nourishing mask

Firstly I was not kidding when I said there’s a lot of body shop going on. Secondly Sunday night mask night has definitely become a thing for us, or in John’s case masks as many times a week as he can do before I say you don’t need to be doing that many. Yes I found found him putting this on of his own accord several times. He likes it because it’s helping his dry areas and his skin is looking healthy.


Leave any recommendations for John in the comments.

Rach xx


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